{Dear Husby} 11 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 11 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby,

Eleven years have come and gone and life has changed so much along the way. Our family has doubled in size, various homes have come and gone and our careers and dreams have evolved along with us.

We’re very different people and a very different couple to the one that got married all those years ago. Many view change within marriage to be a bad thing, but it is in fact simply inevitable.  The important thing is that through it all, the good, the bad, the new and exciting, the same and mundane, the fears and frustrations, the surprises and the joys, we stick together and as we grow and change as individuals, we change together.

May we continue to walk through life together, growing and evolving as we dare to dream and strive to be the best that we can be.

Thank you for believing in me, but most of all thank you for believing in us. For believing that together we’re stronger and that together we really can do anything we put our hearts and minds to.

All of my heart…

… these eleven years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary!

{Dear Husby} 10 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 10 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby,

Well it has been ten years, Husby. TEN YEARS!

Ten years since I walked down the aisle to you. Ten years since we became Mr & Mrs. Ten years since we officially became a family, just you and me.

And ten years on you remain the most important person in my life. The person who knows my hopes and dreams, my fears and failures and continues to love me through it all.

Thank you for honouring those vows, for sticking with me through the better and worse of marriage and for loving me so well. You really are one of a kind and I really do cherish you.

All of my heart…

… these ten years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

{Dear Husby} 9 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 9 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby, can you believe that it’s already been nine years since we said “i do”, or rather “I will”? Where has that time gone? Well I’ll tell you…

In nine years of marriage we have moved house 7 times, bought and sold property twice, visited 18 countries together, been to college for a year, had two precious babby girls, drank far too many Woodies takeaways and watched The Lord of the Rings so many times that we’re officially geeks.

You’ve introduced me to crunchy peanut butter and 80’s action movies and I’ve introduced you to Hercule Poirot and eccles cakes. You’ve taught me how to play chess, to appreciate (some) sports and to laugh at myself way more often than I used to. But most of all you’ve taught me to dream, to hold on to hope, to not shy away from adventure and to live life with an open heart.

My life is all the sweeter because of you. You are honest, you are generous, you are charmingly cheeky and you have great legs – it’s a killer combination that won my heart back then and still does now.

All of my heart…

… these nine years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!