Outgoing in Spring

Spring has been a fun filled season of snail mail for me as I got to put all the new stationery supplies from my birthday to good use. I discovered some fabulous new-to-me stationery designers (links at the end of this post), sent mail out from London and finally entered the Top 10 ranking of Postcrossers from Guernsey – woo!

Anyway, here are the stats for my outgoing mail during spring: I have sent 56 postcards, 8 letters, 15 cards and 1 parcel to a total of 18 countries.

*(Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Guernsey, India, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, U.S.A.)

Here are some of the shots:

Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
Perfectly timed snail mail for the cat loving penpal.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
Catching up with the girls and trying out my new rubber stamps.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
I had lots of fun making this insect themed mail, even included my first piece of typing.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
First birthday parcel.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
Better late than never, Easter cards for all my lovely penpals!
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
A quick “congrats” in the mail.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
The sweetest 4th birthday invitations.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
Travel themed mail for my globe trotting penpal.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
I’m really enjoying combining my enthusiasm for poetry, typing and snail mail.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
The insides of my travel themed mail using lots of Cavallini paper goodies.
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
At last! A postcard with a map of Guernsey on!
Outgoing in Spring | The Open Home
Loving my Katie Leamon stationery set. Sent this lovely typewriter set to 3 penpals so far.
Outgoing in Spring 2017 | The Open Home
A 1995 postage paid airmail letter on it’s way to the southern hemisphere.
Outgoing in Spring 2017 | The Open Home
A minty piece of mail complete with mint tea on it’s way to Hawaii.
Outgoing in Spring 2017 | The Open Home
My new discovery: Dandelion Stationery.
Outgoing in Spring 2017 | The Open Home
Outgoing mail from London!
Outgoing in Spring 2017 | The Open Home
London Baby!


Have you sent any happy mail lately?



Stationery Links:

An Introduction to Postcrossing

An Introduction to Postcrossing | The Open Home

If you are not a seasoned letter writer but would like to start sending more snail mail then a great way to start is by sending postcards.

At the start of the year, when I wanted to write and send more handwritten notes again I signed up to Postcrossing, a site that enables you to send and receive postcards from all over the world.

Not just for snail mail enthusiasts either, Postcrossing is great for those with wanderlust and those who enjoy learning more about other people, places and cultures.

Since I signed up 6 weeks ago I have sent 30 postcards covering a distance of  nearly 55,000 miles and have received 20 postcards from 16 different countries.

Needless to say, I’m most definitely hooked! What I love most about this new hobby is that I share it with my girls. I really enjoy picking out postcards with their help and love their excitement when a postcard arrives through our letter box.

An Introduction to Postcrossing | The Open Home

How it works

The idea with Postcrossing is simply this, you send a postcard to receive a postcard. All you have to do is register as a member and create your profile and you are ready to go!

The profile is an important step as it tells others a little about yourself and gives guidance to the sorts of postcards you would like to receive. I really appreciate when people have good profiles as it does help me in picking out a postcard for them. You can check out my profile and others for ideas.

Once you’re ready to send a postcard you simply need to click “send a postcard” in the main menu to do so. You will be sent the profile details of the recipient along with their address and most importantly the postcard ID which you MUST write on the card.

The postcard ID is then logged by the recipient upon arrival at it’s destination and you will receive an automatic notification and usually a thank you message from the recipient. Once the postcard has been logged your name is then added to the pool of names waiting to receive a postcard.

And that’s it!

You can also upload the images of the postcards you send so that they show up on both yours and the recipients wall of postcards. I personally enjoy uploading the photos before I send them so that the recipient doesn’t have too, plus that way I ensure I have a record of all the postcards I have sent.

An Introduction to Postcrossing | The Open Home

So if you want to send and receive more happy mail but don’t know where to start, then I suggest you start here with Postcrossing.

I also firmly believe that the challenge of writing something interesting in such a small space makes you a better writer, so the step up to writing longer letters won’t feel as daunting.

So start small, send a postcard and see where it takes you.

From which country did you last receive a postcard? Mine was from Germany.

{Ten on Ten} March 2016

Today has been a gorgeous Spring’s day, the sort of day that makes you want to get out in the garden, so I did! But first I had a play school drop off, post to send and then a surprise party to attend – all before lunch!

Today I’m linking up with Rebekah Gough again for Ten on Ten and here are my ten shots trying to capture the beauty in the ordinary.

Outgoing mail to a mummy and her son in Ukraine.
We’re officially welcoming in Spring now that our Easter wreath is up.
A spot of mail art for the birthday girl.
All the space to play but would rather sit under her Daddy’s chair!
Only at Trinity Cafe can you make your own hideout to have lunch in!
Postcrossing inspiration on my very own doorstep… “You Can Do It!”
Sorting through my birthday stash now that the final orders have arrived.
Our Easter display is now in full bloom.
My thoughtful spot.
Gardening with my girl.


What beauty did you find in the ordinary today?