{Dear Husby} 11 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 11 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby,

Eleven years have come and gone and life has changed so much along the way. Our family has doubled in size, various homes have come and gone and our careers and dreams have evolved along with us.

We’re very different people and a very different couple to the one that got married all those years ago. Many view change within marriage to be a bad thing, but it is in fact simply inevitable.  The important thing is that through it all, the good, the bad, the new and exciting, the same and mundane, the fears and frustrations, the surprises and the joys, we stick together and as we grow and change as individuals, we change together.

May we continue to walk through life together, growing and evolving as we dare to dream and strive to be the best that we can be.

Thank you for believing in me, but most of all thank you for believing in us. For believing that together we’re stronger and that together we really can do anything we put our hearts and minds to.

All of my heart…

… these eleven years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary!

An Open Letter to Malawi

An Open Letter to Malawi | The Open Home

Dear Malawi,

I can hardly believe that it has been 10 years since we first became acquainted with one another, nor can I believe it is now five years since I last visited you. I never intended for it to be this long but you know how it is, life changes even when you don’t want it too.

For such a long time so many of my dreams involved you, you made me feel so alive, so full of purpose and I want you to know letting you go was not easy, even if it was the right thing to do.

Out of all the sacrifices we made along the way, more than passing up career opportunities, more than selling our house, sacrificing our dream of you was the hardest and most heartbreaking decision we ever had to make.

Perhaps the timing wasn’t right. Perhaps it was time to dream new dreams. Perhaps amongst all the good intentions we had lost focus of the most important thing.

Whatever it was, a future without you was a daunting prospect and for some time I found myself grieving for the life we could have lived and the dreams that would never come to be.

Five years on and my heart has slowly healed. I am now a mother to two sweet little blonde girls and for the first time in a long time I find myself happy being stuck on this little rock that I get to call home.

In the end thanks to knowing and losing you I have learnt to live life with an open heart. I know myself better, my passions more clearly and I have come to see the journey God had us on all along.

It’s fair to say that life isn’t what we originally planned but it has turned out to be pretty great anyway. And you’ll be pleased to know that with time I have found the courage to dare to dream again.

Malawi, please know you will always be held in my heart with such fondness, I am who I am today because of the part you played in my life.

Thank you for having such a warm and generous heart. Thank you for being part of my story.

Yours truly,

Jessica x

P.S. I promise to visit again one day, hopefully with those two blonde girls I was telling you about. I want them to know you like I do.

An Open Letter to Chocolate Cake

An Open Letter to Chocolate Cake. Part of the Open Letters found at The Open Home.

Dear Chocolate Cake,

I’ve spoken with Discipline and this thing we have together is over.

We had a good thing going you and I but we knew it had to end sometime, we couldn’t continue like this. All the secrecy and the lies, it’s gotten out of control. Our attachment to one another has become unhealthy.

I came clean to Discipline and he is willing to take me back and I want to give it a go with him, honestly I do. I just need to get it right this time. He is so good for me and deep down I know he is what I want most.

Life with him gives me so much more time and energy for the things that truly bring joy to my life. We’re going to do everything we can to make our relationship work, we’re even going to the gym together now, it’s the best of therapy.

What we had together was wrong, I know that now. Please don’t contact me and don’t be surprised when I ignore you in public.  In time perhaps we can be friends but for now we need some distance between us. I know this must be hard for you to hear but you will find others, I know you will.

Yours truly,

Jessica x

P.S. I’m calling it off with Vicky Sponge and Lemon Drizzle too.

An Open Letter to Discipline


Dear Discipline,

How long has it been now? Two, three, maybe even four years? Bit by bit our relationship has been under strain, a distance has grown between us and you have become elusive in my life.

I realise I need to take responsibility for this breakdown. I have been tired and weak and easily lured by the attractive lifestyle that Laziness had to offer. Mindlessness got to me too and together they have slowly wormed their way into my life, leaving me with unhealthy attachments that have led me away from you.

The truth is though, Discipline it is you I want and it is you I need. Please take me back, I beg of you! I will call it off with chocolate cake and carrot cake and every cake for that matter, I promise. I just want to walk life with you again. To feel healthy and fit and strong, full of life and vitality.

We were great together weren’t we?  I know it won’t always be easy but I am willing to try. I promise to work hard and we can start small, each new step a success in it’s own right. Together we will be happy, we will be successful and we will live life to the full, I just know it.

My mind has been so negative without you, my heart weary, my body weak. But today marks a new beginning. A chance to choose positivity and to change perspective. A chance to stop making excuses and to start making progress. A chance to stop wishing and start doing. A chance to choose what I want most over what I want now. A chance to live in freedom.

With love and renewed determination,

Jessica x

P.S. Can’t you just feel those positive vibes? I even bought weights, that’s how serious I am.