Daughter Diaries #39

Daughter Diaries 39 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, I love that I get to watch you learn and grow from up close. Your creativity continues to astound me and your attention to detail impress me, I simply love to watch you work. I think this is the best family portrait of us yet and I shall soon be commissioning you to fill my walls with art. Dear Bubbles, summer has come and you now smell mostly of suncream and sand. Last minute picnics on the beach are becoming the norm and watching you run wild and free across the beach is pure joy, watching you lick sand off your feet, not so much. Dearest Daughters, may you continue to express yourselves in your own weird unique and wonderful ways.

How are you making the most of the sunshine?

{Daughter Diaries} #38

Daughter Diaries 38 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, I love how you embrace your role as the big sister and helper of the home, always fetching and serving and playing mother hen. You may be older and wiser than your wee sister but she still knows how to lead you astray! Dear Bubbles, your cheeky antics both warm my heart and drive me crazy! You always know how to make us smile but just don’t seem to know when it’s time to stop. The toddler years make for some of the best memories and yet the hardest of days. Dearest Daughters, thank you for being quick to smile and quick to forgive.

What cheeky things do your children get up to?


{Daughter Diaries} #37

Daughter Diaries 37 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you really appreciate the beauty of life and I have a feeling that Spring may become your favourite season. You stop to listen to birdsong, collect fallen petals to pass on as gifts and find delight in each and every new bud. Your enthusiasm for life and nature is contagious! Dear Bubbles, I love that you can find your way round our secret garden without any direction, throw twigs in the pond for the fish to eat and take your shoes off in every cafe we visit. Your sweet ways warm my heart. Dearest Daughters, may you always find time to stop and smell the roses.

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

{Daughter Diaries} #36


Dear Blossom, I am loving your enthusiasm for gardening and so proud of your sweet and generous nature. I’m sure Wendy the goat will be delighted with her home grown carrots but I just hope that you will allow us to eat some too! Dear Bubbles, you’re growing fast now that you’ve entered your twos and I’m loving the little lady you are becoming. Watching you dance and sing as you do your self-taught ballet is one of the sweetest parts of my day. Dearest Daughters, watching you grow is both a privilege and a joy, but please don’t grow too fast will you!?

What cute things have your kiddos been up to lately?

{Daughter Diaries} #35

Daughter Diaries 35 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, today at lunch you declined eating baguette… BAGUETTE! But you love baguette! It’s official then, my little hobbit has lost her appetite and really is under the weather. Having both my girls nap should be a rare treat but hearing you softly snore whilst bundled up on the sofa all afternoon makes Mummy hope her little lady is feeling better soon. Dear Bubbles, folding laundry and changing the beds is not my favourite task of the week, but it is way more enjoyable when your oh so sweet toddler spontaneously declares, “I love you, Mummy.” Mama loves you too little limpet, thanks for loving me so well.  Dearest Daughters, Mama is so thankful that she gets to take care of you in sickness and in health.

Anyone else got the dreaded lurgy? 3 out of 4 of us here.


{Daughter Diaries} #34

Daughter Diaries 34 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, warning… life doesn’t always go to plan, your most recent haircut being the case in point. Almost three inches later and following a few tears (on my part) you’re still as cute as a button and sweet as a lollipop. It really is what’s inside that matters but puffy tutu skirts do help. Dear Bubbles, your birthday next week will see you leaving the sweet toddle of your baby days behind you and trudging full gusto into your terrible tremendous twos. Your cheeky ways continue to keep us on our toes, your incredible cuteness constantly blows us away and your love for your big sister melts my heart. Dearest Daughters, we laugh more and love more with you in our lives, may you always know how deeply you are cherished.

Hands up whose received a hair cut they later regretted? (The year was 2006…)

{Daughter Diaries} #33

Daughter Diaries #33 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, how you manage to be such a fashionista I’ll never know.  Whilst Mummy rolls out of the house in her usual ensemble of scraped back hair, bubble ridden cardi and overly worn jeans your trademark winter shorts and classic style brings coos from strangers and leave Mummy feeling she really must make more of an effort. Dear Bubbles, not one to be left out you rock your own unique style that involves safety pins and over sized skirts. Mummy may be thrifty but you my dear, are oh so cute! Dearest Daughters, may you always remember that life is a precious gift. Every day deserves to be celebrated in your Sunday best.

Am I the only Mummy that looks like a slob in comparison to my immaculately dressed kids?