{Dear Husby} 11 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 11 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby,

Eleven years have come and gone and life has changed so much along the way. Our family has doubled in size, various homes have come and gone and our careers and dreams have evolved along with us.

We’re very different people and a very different couple to the one that got married all those years ago. Many view change within marriage to be a bad thing, but it is in fact simply inevitable.  The important thing is that through it all, the good, the bad, the new and exciting, the same and mundane, the fears and frustrations, the surprises and the joys, we stick together and as we grow and change as individuals, we change together.

May we continue to walk through life together, growing and evolving as we dare to dream and strive to be the best that we can be.

Thank you for believing in me, but most of all thank you for believing in us. For believing that together we’re stronger and that together we really can do anything we put our hearts and minds to.

All of my heart…

… these eleven years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary!

{Dear Husby} 10 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 10 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby,

Well it has been ten years, Husby. TEN YEARS!

Ten years since I walked down the aisle to you. Ten years since we became Mr & Mrs. Ten years since we officially became a family, just you and me.

And ten years on you remain the most important person in my life. The person who knows my hopes and dreams, my fears and failures and continues to love me through it all.

Thank you for honouring those vows, for sticking with me through the better and worse of marriage and for loving me so well. You really are one of a kind and I really do cherish you.

All of my heart…

… these ten years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

{Dear Husby}

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Dear Husby,

Your Christmas present from you to me is definitely one of the best presents I’ve ever had. It’s up there with my heirloom treasures, the surprise lemon meringue pie picnic and the Aladdin trilogy that made me cry!  This year you really nailed my love languages, the gift of quality time couldn’t be more perfect!

Thanks for carrying the ridiculously big box all the way up the Mount in the early hours of Christmas morning just so I could be wowed.

I can’t wait to put on my hiking gear and start trudging round this little island with you again. Rain or shine I’m gonna be one happy wifey lady!

All of my heart,

Wifey xx

{Dear Husby}

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Dear Husby,

Once upon a date night you asked me which ten celebrities I would invite to a dinner party and never one to think on the spot I couldn’t possibly give you an answer without giving it some serious thought. Well it’s been about 18 months and finally, I have completed my guest list! Wanna know who made the cut?

Ladies first we have Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury, Emma Watson and Mayim Bialik.

Followed by the gents, David Suchet, Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Roger Federer, Benedict Cumberbatch and Bear Grylls.

I hope you are in approval as I intend to send out the invitations later this week. We may need to finally invest in some wine glasses and a few more chairs for that matter, we can’t really ask Dame Maggie to perch on one of the garden chairs like we do with the youth group!

As always, thanks for helping me to ponder the important questions in life, the ones that stretch my mind and grow my imagination. Dating you is always full of fun, I’m a very lucky lady.

All of my heart,

Wifey xx

Next date night question for you to ponder… “If you bought a boat, what would you name it?”

{Dear Husby} 9 Years and Counting…

Dear Husby 9 Years & Counting | The Open Home

Dear Husby, can you believe that it’s already been nine years since we said “i do”, or rather “I will”? Where has that time gone? Well I’ll tell you…

In nine years of marriage we have moved house 7 times, bought and sold property twice, visited 18 countries together, been to college for a year, had two precious babby girls, drank far too many Woodies takeaways and watched The Lord of the Rings so many times that we’re officially geeks.

You’ve introduced me to crunchy peanut butter and 80’s action movies and I’ve introduced you to Hercule Poirot and eccles cakes. You’ve taught me how to play chess, to appreciate (some) sports and to laugh at myself way more often than I used to. But most of all you’ve taught me to dream, to hold on to hope, to not shy away from adventure and to live life with an open heart.

My life is all the sweeter because of you. You are honest, you are generous, you are charmingly cheeky and you have great legs – it’s a killer combination that won my heart back then and still does now.

All of my heart…

… these nine years and counting,

Wifey xx

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!

{Dear Husby} 27 Things I love About You

27 Things I Love About You | The Open Home

1. I love that you are a man of God and that I can share my walk of faith with you.

2. I love that you’re super confident – it’s was one of the first things that attracted me to you.

3. I love your servants heart and how you always bless me through so many acts of kind service.

4. I love that you always have your nose stuck in a book.

5. I love that you are a real sports fan and not just a fan of a team.

6. I love your honesty, it is so refreshing.

7. I love how much you love being a Daddy to our little girl.

8. I love it when you hold my hand.

9. I love that you can cook and do so often!

10. I love your open heart and adventurous spirit.

11. I love that you dance, and dance good!

12. I love how you get up early with Blossom so that I can rest some more.

13. I love your rare personality type and skill set – the world needs more people like you!

14. I love that you can laugh at yourself.

15. I love exploring the world with you, you make the best travel companion.

16. I love that you can’t sneeze quietly.

17. I love how great you look in a suit.

18. I love your love of theology and how you seek to challenge yourself and others.

19. I love that you are open and generous with your words of love and affection towards us girls.

20. I love that you find it hard to spend money – I could learn a lot from you!

21. I love your legs – just saying!

22. I love that we can be geeky together – I feel another Doctor Who marathon coming on!

23. I love that we share the same values and goals in life, living with a common purpose.

24. I love that your love language is cake!

25. I love that you accept and love my many quirks – thanks for trying not to breathe my air!

26. I love when you read out loud to me.

27. I love that you are now the same age as me again!

A very happy twenty-something birthday to you lovely Husby!