Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 7 year old, 5 year old and baby!)

Ever wondered what a homeschool day may look like? Well here is one of ours. No two days in the week ever look exactly the same but there is a general rhythm and flow to our days which you can check out {HERE}. You can also view our previous Day in the Life post from 2019 {HERE}.

5:50 – Baby Boy woke way too early today, but not as early as the previous day so progress! After spending over an hour keeping him quiet in the bedroom we got up at 7am, our usual time to start the day.

7:15 – I headed downstairs and got my workout done whilst the Husby got both Buzz and himself ready for the day. The girls also dressed before breakfast today, which isn’t always the case and then headed downstairs to colour at the table whilst they waited for breakfast.

8:00 – The Husby took care of breakfast today whilst I got myself showered and dressed and then gave Buzz some milk.

8:20 – The Husby then left for work whilst I ate breakfast and tackled chores with the girls. Laundry for Blossom and dishes for Bubbles.

8:45 – I settled Buzz in his cot for his morning nap and then the girls and I sat down for table time. Once Blossom was set up on a piece of work about Jewish festivals I sat down with 5 year old Bubbles to work on some phonics. After this Bubbles did some colouring whilst I helped Blossom with today’s maths lesson – multiplication.

9:25 – Buzz woke from his morning nap as we were finishing up at the table. The girls quickly cleared everything away whilst I got him changed and ready to head out and run some errands.

9:45 – We popped to a couple of shops to gather supplies for lunch and craft projects and Buzz even got to travel sat upright in the trolley for the first time!

10:45 – We were home within the hour and the girls busied themselves with a game whilst I fed their baby brother.

11:00 – We then moved onto our morning basket whilst all snuggled up on the sofa.

Today we covered:

  • Devotions

We read the next chapter in “The Lion Read & Know Bible“, read a biography from one of our devotionals, recorded some gratitudes in our gratitude journal and then said some prayers together.

  • Art Enrichment

Next up was our art enrichment slot and I started with our daily poem from “I Am the Seed“. I then read a poem by our current poet, T.S. Eliot.

  • Main Lesson

Today our main lesson was PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education). We’re learning about the diversity of people within Britain and are currently learning about Judaism, hence Blossom’s earlier piece of work. We watched a few festival clips from Jumping Jerusalem and I read a chapter from our current read aloud, “Ella of All-of-a Kind Family“. This is the last book in the series about a Jewish family living in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. We really enjoy them.

12:00 – I changed and settled Buzz for his lunch time nap and then the girls and I had lunch.

12:45 – Buzz stirred early from his nap resulting in me spending 20 minutes resettling him so he wouldn’t be grumpy for the rest of the afternoon! During this time the girls busied themselves with colouring at the table.

13:10 – I try but don’t always succeed at having a quiet reading time after lunch, but today we managed to do it and I read some more from our current chapter book. There was then a fall out over the wobbel board which resulted in one daughter having a quiet colouring time in the dining room whilst the other had a quiet cuddle time with mummy.

14:30 – I woke Baby Boy from his nap and changed and fed him once again!

15:00 – We worked on a craft project to go towards the girls’ Rainbow badges, decoupaging some milk cartons with left over fabric scraps and turning them into little flower pots to give away. The pots actually turned out pretty well so we were all rather pleased!

15:45 – The girls were now free to play which involved yet more colouring, some time in the garden and playing with toys in the lounge as well as a snack time.

16:45 – The Husby returned from work and we got caught up with chatting, so much so that I was late for Baby Boy’s nap!

17:10 – After a failed attempt to settle an overtired Buzz in his cot for his afternoon cat nap he ended up snoozing on me for 20 minutes.

18:00 – Next up was dinner followed by audio books and sing alongs for the girls, our favourite before bed wind down, which often entertains Baby Boy too.

19:30 – Bedtime for all the kiddos. The Husby tackled the girls and I saw to the Boy.

20:30 – The Husby and I finally got to sit down together for a couple of hours before milk duties called again!

So that’s what our homeschool rhythm looks like in practice right now.

What does your homeschool day look like?

Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 6 & 4 year old)

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

Following on from my post last week about our homeschool rhythm I thought I’d unpack that a little further with a day in the life post that will hopefully help you to see how that rhythm flows in practice as well as give you a glimpse into what home educating young children can look like.

This day in the life is from a Wednesday earlier this month. Lets jump straight in.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

7:10 – Today’s wake up call from Bubbles felt a little earlier than usual but it was in fact a pretty average time for her. I quickly snuck into the girls room where Bubbles had already made a spot in her bed for me, morning cuddles are a regular thing for us and it gives Blossom a bit more time to wake up.

7:30 – Bubbles couldn’t possibly wait for breakfast any longer so we girls headed downstairs in our pyjamas to start the day. I prepared breakfast whilst the girls squabbled over some random nonsense which continued on and off over breakfast. Apologies were necessary from both sides and bad attitudes looked set to persist.

8:20 – The Husby left for work whilst we got on with our morning chores. Blossom emptied the washing machine and sorted the laundry into piles whilst Bubbles helped me to unload the dishwasher.

8:40 – We finally finished chores and started table time but Blossom, who was still in a grump following the earlier squabbles was now feeling reluctant to do her maths. Rather than battle it out and force her to work under duress I suggested she complete just the one page of maths today instead of the usual two and that seemed to help.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

(On a side note, we’re currently using Oxford International Primary Maths, just in case you’re interested. It’s the only workbook and curriculum we are currently using in our homeschool and it’s working well for Blossom who considers herself “a maths whizz”).

After maths Blossom moved on to her copy work (writing practice) which today was simply a list of words, but some days it’s a line from a poem, hymn or scripture we’re learning. 

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

Whilst Blossom got on with her work Bubbles chose to play with the mathlink cubes for her table time activity and was busy laying them out and counting them with me, declaring “this is good mathing!”

Once Blossom finished her copy work she too joined in with the hands on maths and started to play with the math sticks, as we call them, making up her own sums.

9:20 – Once the essentials were done it was time for my workout. The girls headed upstairs to get dressed and then busied themselves playing for a bit before joining me in the lounge (Bubbles still in her pyjamas!) whilst I finished my exercise.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

10:00 – I usually head straight upstairs to shower and dress after my workout but as the girls were both still grumpy and on the verge of another fall out I suggested we do our morning basket straight away which they were eager to do.

We did our morning basket snuggled up on the sofa in the lounge and today we covered:

  • Devotions

We read the next chapter in The Jesus Storybook Bible (which we’re really enjoying), looked up a verse and song for our advent devotions, recorded some gratitudes in our gratitude journal and then said a short prayer.

  • Art Enrichment

Next up was our art enrichment slot which, as always I started with a poem. This term we’ve been familiarising ourselves with the work of A.A. Milne and today we read “The Old Sailor” from “Now We Are Six“.

Next up was composer study. This term we’ve been studying the work of Tchaikovsky, starting with his ballets, first Swan Lake, then Sleeping Beauty and today we started The Nutcracker. We watched a short youtube video of The Royal Opera House’s “The Waltz of the Snowflakes” discussing the music and story as we watched. The girls remarked that the snow must be getting heavier as the music was getting faster.

  • Main Lesson

On Wednesdays our main lesson is usually history but we wrapped up our stone age studies last week ready to focus on advent readings and activities throughout December. So today we continued reading “How Winston Delivered Christmas”  and also read today’s advent picture book, “Babushka.”

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

10:45 – I finally had the opportunity to get showered and dressed now that morning basket was over and the girls’ grumpy attitudes were gone. The snuggles and books seemed to do the trick and they then played happily together downstairs whilst I got myself ready upstairs.

11:30 – Most days of the week we head out mid to late morning for an outing or group, but not on a Wednesday. Wednesday is our catch up day and the day we have more time to work on crafts. With all the earlier squabbling we were running a little later this morning though and there was no longer time left to fit in the craft I had planned to do before lunch.

Instead I got on with some laundry and prepped lunch whilst the girls continued to play happily in the lounge, singing the Twelve Days of Christmas together as they did!

12:00 – I finally managed to convince Bubbles to actually get dressed in time for lunch and she kindly told us a “silly stone age story” whilst we ate.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

12:20 – After lunch we quickly tidied up the lounge together and then snuggled up once more for our current read aloud, “Holly & Ivy” The girls are loving this book and would happily sit for me to finish the whole thing but today I cut it short so we could fit in that craft we didn’t get round to earlier.

12:45 – Time for some painting! As a neat freak I tend to steer away from messy crafts, but both the girls love to create and Bubbles in particular loves the sensory process of painting so I’m making a real effort to include it more often.

Today they painted some colourful skies (a moonlit one for Bubbles and a sunrise for Blossom). Next week they’ll add some black pieces of card to the picture to make some stone circle silhouettes.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

13:30 – The girls usually join their grandparents for a playdate on their farm on a Wednesday afternoon but they were poorly this week so the girls joined me on a couple of errands instead for part of their afternoon activity.

First we popped into my office at work so I could collect a few things to work on from home and then we headed to Waitrose to stock up on a few groceries.

15:00 – Once home I prepared the girls a snack and allowed them a mid week movie in leu of their playdate so I could get some work done at the kitchen table. Brother Bear was chosen, one of the movies I recently introduced to help bring prehistoric history to life.

16:30 – The Husby returned from work and thankfully got on with making dinner so I could continue my work at the table.

17:30 – The girls had an early dinner together today and then joined the Husby in the lounge to read books and play whilst I snuck upstairs for a hot bath.

18:30 – Tired and grumpy yet again, Bubbles trudged up the stairs and we started her bedtime routine early whilst Blossom hid in my bedroom, unwinding from the day and getting herself changed for bed.

Day in the Life 2019 | The Open Home

19:00 – Bubbles is tucked up early tonight with no bedtime call backs. I folded laundry with Blossom in my bedroom and then we did her reading practice together using The Complete Book of First Experiences from Usborne. I then read her a bedtime story from our beloved Milly-Molly-Mandy before tucking her up in bed around 19:45.

20:00 – The Husby and I finally sat down to dinner together and then chilled out in front of the TV to watch The Big Bang Theory for the zillionth time. Tomorrow is his day off so Wednesday is effectively our Friday night so we have that weekend feeling, so much so that I ended up falling asleep on the sofa before retreating to bed early.

So that’s what our homeschool rhythm looks like in practice.

What does your (home) school day look like?

Our Homeschool Rhythm

The Open Home 1223.jpg

I’m a big believer in routine. We’re all creatures of habit in many ways and when it comes to children I believe that they tend to thrive on routine as most crave the predictability and security that a routine offers.

When it comes to home educating many families find success in having a routine, a predictable rhythm to their day and week that allows their homeschool to flow more easily. We certainly do.

Now I’m not talking about a schedule here where every aspect of the homeschool day is slotted into a timetable where maths has to start at 10am, followed by a break at 10:30 and history at 11:00.

This may work for some but when one of the blessings of home educating is greater freedom, a rigid schedule can miss out on some of the flexibility and spontaneous joy that home educating can bring.

So below you will see what our daily homeschool rhythm looks like. Our school day starts at a different time every day and occasionally we swap elements around if need be but in general, this is the flow of our day.



Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Thankfully my girls are not early risers and Bubbles generally only squarks for me around 7:15 (sometimes even 7:45) but the day generally starts with us heading down to breakfast in our pyjamas around 7:30 once I’ve managed to wake up a little.

I love the idea of being all dressed and ready to start the day before we head down for breakfast, but Bubbles tends to wake up “starving” most days and I’ve learnt that battling to dress a hangry 4 year old is not always worth the fall out.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Every day straight after breakfast we do our morning chores. Blossom empties the washing machine and hangs the laundry and Bubbles empties the dishwasher with my help.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Once the chores are done we jump straight into our table time work (sometimes still in our pjs). This typically starts anywhere between 8:30 and 9:15. This is the slot where we get our copy work (writing practice) and maths out of the way, sometimes some picture narrations and nature journaling too.

Table time is really for my 6 year old who is now doing some formal lessons, but my 4 year old likes to feel part of things even if she isn’t yet required to do the work so for her table time involves any fine motor activity of her choice; colouring, beading, stamping, octons, hammer board, etc

At present Table Time lasts no longer than 30 minutes.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Now that our table time work is out of the way and the essentials of the day done the girls (are supposed to) get dressed and then have some free play time whilst I fit in my 30 minute workout, shower and get myself (and then sometimes my 4 year old) dressed for the day.

Sometimes there is time for them to squeeze in some yoga practice whilst I get ready and then sometimes I have to skip my workout all together if we’ve had a slow start to the day or have to be out of the house especially quickly.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Once we’re all dressed and ready for the day we start our morning book basket, usually around 10:00 – 10:30 depending on whether we’re heading out or not.

Each morning basket consists of devotions, art enrichment and a main lesson:

  • Devotions

Right now our devotions include a Bible reading, our gratitude journal and a prayer.

  • Art Enrichment

Every day I kick start our art enrichment section by reading a poem. We look at a poet each term and try to get familiar with their style. We then follow up poetry with either hymn study, picture study or composer study. Like with poetry, when it comes to picture study and composer study we focus on one artist/composer per term to really familiarise ourselves with their work. As for hymn study, we study 1 hymn per month and again the aim here is familiarity not word perfection.

  • Main Lesson

Now we have a 6 year old in the house we’ve introduced a few more subjects to our week so our morning basket now includes one main lesson per day; natural history on a Monday, PSHE on Tuesday, history on Wednesday and geography on Thursday.

These lessons often involve read alouds, picture books, the occasional video and of course, lots of discussion.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

This is where things differ a little as most of the week we head out on an outing or to a group after our morning basket but twice a week we stay home.

So on Mondays we attend our Nature Explorers group, on Tuesdays we have a play date, on Wednesday we do catch up and crafts at home, on Thursdays we tend to tackle house or gardening projects, on Fridays we visit the library and then on Saturday it’s swimming lessons, followed by church on Sundays.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

Always an important one. As I don’t have to prep for school lunches the night before I don’t, unless I know we’ll be out and about for lunch the next day. Generally I just serve leftovers or prep sandwiches as and when we’re hungry, usually around 12:00.


The Open Home 1292.jpg

After lunch we read a chapter or two of our current read aloud and on the rare occasion that we had to skip morning basket to rush out we add it on to this space here.


Our Homeschool Rhythm | The Open Home

In true Charlotte Mason fashion I try to get all the school work in the formal sense out of the way in the morning so that the afternoons can be for more leisurely activities and lots of free play.

So on Monday we have our Poetry Tea Time, on Tuesday we try to bake, on Wednesday the girls visit their grandparents for a playdate on the farm, on Thursday we have a family outing and on Friday the girls attend their Rainbows group. Saturday and Sunday aren’t school days in our home so those afternoons are generally just for rest and play.


The Open Home 1032

Dinner is usually somewhere between 17:30 and 18:00 and after dinner we head up to bed. I try to have my 4 year old down by 19:30 and then Blossom can read to me in peace before being tucked up in bed around 20:00.

We used to attempt reading practice during table time but it proved difficult with a chatty 4 year old around so we needed to find a consistent one-to-one slot in the day and bedtime won out.


Books Lately | The Open Home

Once the girls are all settled in bed my evenings then consist of a small amount of prep for the next school day followed by my own down time.

Thankfully my termly lesson planning and hours prep on the weekend make the world of difference enabling me to do very little planning in the evenings for the next day.

I then aim to head up to bed around 22:30.


So there you have it, our daily rhythm. Nothing too rigid, just a general flow to our days that helps make our learning all the more intentional and enjoyable. In my next post I’ll try to unpack this rhythm a little more for you and will share how a school day looks in more detail.

Do you prefer to have a rhythm to your day?