Bubbles Turns Two!

Bubbles Turns Two! | The Open Home

I love bears, bath time, Mummy’s Jumpey, collecting the post, binge reading, hide and seek with Daddy, gardening, emptying the dishwasher, outings with Uncle Jojo, my blue handbag, hair clips, tea parties, playing dress up, dancing with my big sister, running through leaves, picnics, outdoor adventures, plane spotting, birdwatching, goats, the moon, being cheeky, giving kisses and raucous belly laughs!

My favourite phrases include “me too!”, “me come!”, “Mama’s baby”, “my wifey chops!”, “me like that!”, “blue car/door/bag…”,”more books”, “read me” and “Jojo Jojo Jojo.”

My favourite toys are my bear called Bear, my dolls, toy animals, wooden puzzles and play kitchen.

My favourite books are Cave Baby, The Gruffalo’s ChildThe Baby’s Catalogue and Alfie books.

My favourite foods are bananas, raspberries, yoghurt, potatoes, sweet corn, baked beans, more potatoes, pink french fancies and of course, chocolate cake!


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Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

{Daughter Diaries} #34

Daughter Diaries 34 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, warning… life doesn’t always go to plan, your most recent haircut being the case in point. Almost three inches later and following a few tears (on my part) you’re still as cute as a button and sweet as a lollipop. It really is what’s inside that matters but puffy tutu skirts do help. Dear Bubbles, your birthday next week will see you leaving the sweet toddle of your baby days behind you and trudging full gusto into your terrible tremendous twos. Your cheeky ways continue to keep us on our toes, your incredible cuteness constantly blows us away and your love for your big sister melts my heart. Dearest Daughters, we laugh more and love more with you in our lives, may you always know how deeply you are cherished.

Hands up whose received a hair cut they later regretted? (The year was 2006…)

{Daughter Diaries} #33

Daughter Diaries #33 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, how you manage to be such a fashionista I’ll never know.  Whilst Mummy rolls out of the house in her usual ensemble of scraped back hair, bubble ridden cardi and overly worn jeans your trademark winter shorts and classic style brings coos from strangers and leave Mummy feeling she really must make more of an effort. Dear Bubbles, not one to be left out you rock your own unique style that involves safety pins and over sized skirts. Mummy may be thrifty but you my dear, are oh so cute! Dearest Daughters, may you always remember that life is a precious gift. Every day deserves to be celebrated in your Sunday best.

Am I the only Mummy that looks like a slob in comparison to my immaculately dressed kids?

Daughter Diaries #32

Daughter Diaries 32 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, being the big sister is a big responsibility for such little shoulders to bare and you do it with such enthusiasm and grace. Thank you for trying to keep your sister on the straight and narrow, you are incredibly conscientious (if sometimes a bit bossy) just like your Mama! Dear Bubbles, watching you in your big sister’s old clothes really does make my heart melt. I thought I was blessed to have one daughter but now that I have two, I know that my cup is truly overflowing. Dearest Daughters, may your hands and hearts always be this close.

Anyone else gonna admit to being a bit bossy?

{Daughter Diaries} #31

Daughter Diaries 31 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, what a sweet little girl you are becoming; kind, conscientious and such an encourager. Thanks for cheering me on and keeping me company, I’m not going to want to let you go when big school arrives next year. Dear Bubbles, now that you are officially a walking, talking toddler the fun has really started! Thank you for making me laugh deep within my belly and for bringing sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. Dearest Daughters, may you continue to bless people in your own unique ways, wherever God may place you.

In what ways do the little ones in your life bless you?

{Daughter Diaries} #30

Daughter Diaries #30 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, your bunny friend Boo has been your cuddly companion since your were a sweet little baby. Loving him has brought you so much comfort and joy whilst also teaching you to be gentle and kind, a real mother hen. You make my mama’s heart proud. Dear Bubbles, before you were even born we chose Bear especially for you and it really was the most perfect choice. Perhaps it was prophetic that the little girl, with the bear called Bear would turn out to be so adventurous and brave, just like the man who Bear is named after. Dearest Daughters, you are both so different and yet at times so very alike, you compliment each other beautifully. May your bond of sisterhood enable you to celebrate your differences and revel in your similarities.

Are you similar to your siblings?

Daughter Diaries #29

Daughter Diaries #29 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, your first year of playschool will soon be at a close and in the 6 short months since you started you have acquired many new skills. You can now count to ten, recognise your name, point out triangles and even ask politely if you can get down from the table. But better than shapes and numbers and even table manners, you have grown in confidence and dared to be brave and that is what makes your mama most proud. Dear Bubbles, life with you is never dull! You pull faces at strangers, lick your feet at inappropriate times and scuttle off at remarkable speed when let loose in open spaces. You really do know how to make people laugh – potential career as a comedienne maybe? Dearest Daughters, may you always know how proud I am of who you are, not just what you do.

What do you think your little ones will be when they grow up?