{Daughter Diaries} #17

Daughter Diaries #17 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, I love lazy days at home with you; pottering around the house, snuggling under blankets and rolling around together on the floor (despite having no curtains) as we sing yet another rendition of “row, row, row, the boat” or whatever the current days favourite may be. I will always cherish these sweet toddler moments with you. Dear Bubbles, you are currently full of snuffles and all bunged up with your very first cold. For this reason I shall continue to give you mummy milk in the night as you so desire, but know this, your days (or rather your nights) are numbered little one, there is only so much sleep deprivation this mummy can take. Enjoy those sleepy snuggles whilst you still can, I know I will. Dearest Daughters, simple moments like these may be hard to capture on camera but they are forever captured in your mama’s heart.

What are your favourite nursery rhymes? “Ring a Ring o Roses” is another favourite in our house.

{Daughter Diaries} #16

Daughter Diaries #16 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, watching you tenderly support your wee sister in this rickety old trolley was really the cutest thing. You have a tender heart and bossy nature that really does make you the perfect big sister. You make your mama proud. Dear Bubbles, trips to the DIY store are always eventful with you. You suck your toes, befriend little old ladies, get money knocked off plants and turn even the toughest of tradesmen into cooing softies. You really are a little ray of sunshine. Dearest Daughters, may you always have each other to lean on.

What DIY projects are you working on at the moment?

{Daughter Diaries} #15

Daughter Diaries #15 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, your ingenuity and bravery never ceases to amaze me. Finding you sat in the porch like this did tickle me somewhat, but unfortunately it didn’t last long before the buggy soon capsized. Mummy to the rescue! Dear Bubbles, you have grown so fast into a bouncing, babbling baby. I miss seeing your sweet face as we stroll around, it made hiking back up the Mount all the easier. Dearest Daughters, I love walking through life with you two and I promise to always pick you up when you fall.

What have your little ones done to make you laugh lately?

{Daughter Diaries} #14

Daughter Diaries #14 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, I’m sorry that our home is no longer directly under the flight path to the airport, plane spotting never got old to you or me. Daddy-Daughter dates at the airport will hopefully give you your fix for now – potential career as a pilot maybe? Dear Bubbles, by now you will know well that Mummy doesn’t like to stick to the rules and can often be found buying clothes and toys for you girls from the “boys” section of the stores. I think it may be up to us to educate the world, because you know what? Us girls like playing outside too. We also like trucks and dinosaurs and are even partial to the odd sport! Dearest Daughters, may you always challenge the stereotypes the world throws your way.

What “boy” things do your girls like (and vice versa)?

{Daughter Diaries} #13

Daughter Diaries #13 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, gardening is so much more fun when we’re gardening with you. Your can do attitude and little green fingers are bringing some much needed life into our back yard. Your sweet girly giggles and games of hide and seek also help too! Dear Bubbles, it would seem you’re already encouraging your sister in her cheeky toddler antics. Egging her on with shrieks of approval is not the moral support I was looking for during our wayward bedtime routine. However, it is definitely the kind of camaraderie and sisterly joy I was hoping for my girls, so Mummy can’t stay mad for long. Dearest Daughters, may you always be filled with this much love, laughter and life.

What is filling your life with laughter and love at the moment?

{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy 2015 | The Open Home

Dear Daddy Man, when I grow up I hope to be a bookworm, just like you! Thanks for reading the same stories to me again and again and again! Thanks also for being the best of fun, for teaching me about dinosaurs, playing hide and seek in the garden and even dancing the wiggly-woo. You really are my sunshine. I love you more than Boo and Anna’s chocolate cake – and that’s a LOT! Lots of love, thumbs up and zoidbergs from Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, when I was born I thought I was going to be a mummy’s girl, after all she does have the milk, but then I realised that you give the best tickles and make the yummiest dinners so I have now decided I am in fact a daddy’s girl. This is why I save all my best smiles for you! I love you more than snuggly swaddle cloths and chewing my little nutbrown hare. Lots of love, raspberries and slobbery kisses from Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, thank you for making me a very happy lady by making me a very happy mummy. I love how much you enjoy being a daddy of girls, watching you with our daughters blesses my heart every day. Thank you for being the perfect mix of both gentle and strong, you lead your ladies well. All of my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Father’s Day!

{Daughter Diaries} #12

Daughter Diaries #12 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, listening to you and your wee sister jibber jabber in between fits of giggles makes being a Mummy to two girls one of the sweetest things. Dear Bubbles, these truly are ‘such silly, wiggly, wonderful toes.’ Almost six months on and your big sister still coos with excitement at the sight of your sweet little feet. Dearest Daughters, may you always be this much in love with one another.

What is the sweetest thing in your life at the moment?