{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy Man, at eight years old I may be feeling too old to give you a footprint picture for Father’s Day but I promise you this, I’ll never be too old for a cuddle with you because I’ll always, ALWAYS be a daddy’s girl. For Father’s Day I really wanted to get you a motorbike, but Mummy says we don’t have enough pennies – she also says you need to find a new dream – but I just want you to know that I’m routing for you and bagsie the first ride when you do get one. Hopefully the plant we got you will do instead, Mummy says you’re now of an age where you appreciate plants, I sure hope so, but that Mummy sure says a lot of things! Lots of love and snuggles from your motorbike loving big girl, Blossom xx

Dear Daddy, unlike Blossom I plan to give you a footprint picture for Father’s Day every year for the rest of my life! I know how much you love both my cheesy feet and my works of art and I sure love it when Mummy tickles my toes with a paintbrush! She really makes me squeal, I’m crazy like that! Speaking of crazy, I know I drive you crazy most nights by not going to bed in a quiet and orderly fashion but you see Daddy, I just don’t want to and you know how I hate doing things I don’t want to. You’ll be thankful for this head strong, feistiness when I hit the teenage years, I promise you. Aint nobody gonna mess with me, because I’m fierce and strong and can hold my own, just like you and mama! Lots of love and ballet twirls from your loud but graceful baby girl, Bubbles xx

Dear Da, one of my favourite things to do with you is play chase. The girls do their best but they don’t quite hold the same fear factor that you do. I never really know if you’ll actually eat me, Mum Mum is always saying I’m so scrumptious, so I guess it could happen but laughing and playing with you is worth the risk. You teach me to be brave and curious and to lean into adventure. I look forward to adventuring more with you when my legs get longer and stronger and I can finally keep up. Oh and by the way, speaking of Mum Mum – stay clear of my woman! I see you hugging her, but the Mummy Lady is mine, MINE! I tell you! So watch yourself, you know I can bite and I don’t want to use my 7 pearly whites on you but I will if I have to. You have been warned. Your sweet, scrumptious but bitey boy, Buzz xx

Dearest Husby, “this life goes by so damn fast it feels just like a blur of the places we just drove on past and the people that we were. I set cruise control on my soul for way too long, but like the pavement paves the road with strength our love it just stayed strong. And I look back on all the choices that we made, with so many exits off this highway. When the weight of the world can be a heavy load, I’ll stay with you, here on the road.” Words borrowed from our friend Ken especially from me to you. We’ve been on this road together for almost 19 years now and we’ve acquired a few cute hitchhikers along the way. Here’s to more lessons in love, hope and faith and many more adventures with you. Love always, Wifey xx

Happy Fathers Day!

{March Gratitudes}

For favourite nature spots and an introduction to grass.
For Easter celebrations and moments of creativity.
For father-son moments that melt your heart.
For family field trips and a love of history.
For family read alouds and very hungry caterpillars!
For family gatherings and books worth celebrating.
For the love of Bob and our very own king of the mountains.

These are some of the inserts from our gratitude journal during March, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

{February Gratitudes}

For wobbel fun and boys that wear pink.

For family favourites and trying something new.

For moments of quiet and play across the ages.

For family projects and bringing history to life.

For lockdown birthdays and celebrations with my loves.

For three peas in a pod.


These are some of the inserts from our gratitude journal during February, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

{January Gratitudes}

For fresh air and freedom and glorious winter sunshine.

For a life of adventures, both big and small.

For song and for dance and the opportunity to try new things.

For first teeth and first claps and little boys that now can sit.

For sibling love and play across the ages.

For the highs and lows of lockdown life and everything they may teach us.

For dreams that come true and the dreams that are yet to be.


These are some of the inserts from our gratitude journal during January, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

Willy Wonka Tea Party


Both the girls love Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so they girls were ecstatic when I suggested it for the theme of Bubble’s 6th birthday party. They made me a list of all the sweets from the book that they wanted at the party and I did my best to fulfil the order.

We had everlasting gobstoppers, square sweets that look round, snozzberries, golden eggs, hair toffee and even chocolate river milk and fizzy lifting drinks!

The cake turned out pretty well too and was based on the infamous chocolate room inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, complete with chocolate river.

Party planning was all the easier this year too now that big sister is old enough and capable enough to outsource lots of the crafting to. She took care of all the food labels and door signs with her beautiful handwriting and attention to detail. I think they turned out really well.

Best of all Bubbles seemed to enjoy herself. She ate way too many sweets, drank way too much chocolate milk and had a lot of fun playing with her cousins.

What was the last party you went to?

{December Gratitudes}

For family traditions and a life on the move.

For hard work and dedication and a life full of learning.

For growing girls and first performances.

For winter sun and a world of make believe.

For home made birthdays and 6 years of life.

The Open Home 1623
For 6 sweet years and the blessing of babies.

These are some of the inserts from our gratitude journal during December, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

Bubbles Turns Six!

I love Jumpey and Bear, mammoths and all things Stone Age, learning about history, exploring nature, bears and dalmatians, ballet and poetry, dressing up like a princess, books and baking, drinking hot chocolate, painting and scooting, collecting conkers and shells, being noisy, laughing raucously, sending and receiving postcards, using lots of stickers, movie snuggles with Daddy, giving kisses, sharing my chocolates and read alouds with Mummy.

My favourite toys are my bear called Bear, toy animals, wooden train set and dressing up clothes.

My favourite books are The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse, the All-of-a-Kind Family series, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and The Hundred and One Dalmatians.

My favourite movies are Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians and Arthur Christmas.

My favourite foods are roast potatoes, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes and chips, chocolate brownies, chocolate milkshake, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate! (Quiche, pizza and yoghurt too).

When I grow up I want to be an archaeologist.


For more posts about our sweet Bubbles, click {HERE}.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.