Rainbow Tea Party


Blossom requested a rainbow themed tea party for her 6th birthday and you’d think that’d be an easy theme to pull off, I mean it’s just colourful right? But I actually found this theme to be a tough one to pull together.

Thankfully we had all our lovely wooden rainbow toys to make use of and throw in some bright flowers and rainbow balloons with lots of home made goodies and sweet treats and it all came together pretty well in the end. She was chuffed at least, which made the 3+ hours of cake making the evening before worth it, but next time I’ll be sticking to buttercream icing, way quicker and way more forgiving than fondant!

What was the last party you went to?

Blossom Turns Six!

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I love singing and dancing, drawing and colouring, exploring nature, baking, playing with my sister, hide and seek, making dens, reading books, daughter dates, poetry tea time, going to Rainbows, eating chips on the beach, nature walks, family dates at Woodies and walking through Candie Gardens.

My favourite toys are my bunny Boo, my purple scooter, my play tent and toy animals.

My favourite books are Milly-Molly-MandyThe Complete Tales of Beatrix PotterBrambly HedgeJames Herriot’s Treasury for Children and Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse.

My favourite movies are The Piglet Movie, Tinker Bell movies and Arthur Christmas.

My favourite foods are raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, ice-cream, chocolate cake, chips, spaghetti, macaroni cheese, roast potatoes and Granny’s yorkshire puddings!

When I grow up I want to be a nurse.


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Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

Neverland Tea Party

Neverland Party | The Open HomeNeverland Party | The Open HomeNeverland Party | The Open Homethe open home 1156the open home 1153Neverland Party | The Open Home

Neverland Party | The Open Homethe open home 1157

Over the past year Bubbles has taken a liking to the whimsical world of Peter Pan, particularly the crocodile so for her 4th birthday tea party a Neverland theme seemed like the perfect choice.

As always I opted for balloons, flowers and mostly items from around the house that were nods to the story like cufflinks, a thimble, Tinkerbell, of course and Bubbles’ Bear who kindly played the part of Michael’s teddy bear.

There was also plenty of pirate gold and fresh flowers straight from Pixie Hollow (aka. Tiger Lily Florist) and an impressive crocodile cupcake birthday cake made by the lovely Auntie Emily.

Best of all Bubbles had fun playing with her cousins and then big sister Blossom declared it “the best party ever!” and I felt pretty chuffed too.

(Oh and the Tinkerbell photo credit goes to 5 year old Blossom who helped with setting up)

What was the last party you went to?

Bubbles Turns Four!

Bubbles Turns Four! | The Open Home

I love Jumpey, Brambly Hedge, Peter Rabbit, Pooh Bear, bears in general, sea animals, crocodiles, fairies, Neverland, dancing like a ballerina, dressing up like a princess, poetry tea time, hot chocolate, nature walks through Candie Gardens, collecting conkers and other nature treasures, baking, rubber stamping, sending post, hide and seek, playing boongerangas and soldiers with Daddy, snuggling on the sofa, being cheeky, giving kisses, and raucous belly laughs!

My favourite toys are my bear called Bear, toy animals, dressing up clothes, my bumbershoot, cat purse and treasure box, and my sister’s ride on Moo.

My favourite books are Bear & Mouse booksBeatrix Potter’s Tales and Paddington Bear.

My favourite movies are Peter Pan and The Heffalump Movie.

My favourite foods are potatoes, sweet corn, quiche, more potatoes, macaroni cheese, strawberries, yoghurt and hot chocolate!


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Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

Flower Fairy Tea Party

Flower Fairy Tea Party | The Open HomeThe Open Home 990The Open Home 991The Open Home 995Flower Fairy Tea Party | The Open HomeFlower Fairy Tea Party | The Open HomeFlower Fairy Tea Party | The Open HomeFlower Fairy Tea Party | The Open Home

For Blossom’s 4th birthday she was given The Complete Book of Flower Fairies by her Granny and Grandpa. It’s a favourite of hers and she can often be found flipping through it and admiring the beautiful illustrations. It’s also a regular read at our weekly Poetry Tea Time.

She told she would like a Flower Fairy Tea Party for her 5th birthday party back when we were planning a Paddington Bear one for her baby sister last December and she has waited every so patiently for it to arrive.

As always it was a simple theme to pull off. I already had a Flower Fairy postcard set of the original Cicely Mary Barker illustrations which we used as invitations and for the decor I simply used the items we had in the cupboards and bought some flowers from M&S.

The cake was a special request by Blossom and my first attempt at not only a layer cake but an ombre cake. I went for the simplest version I could find to increase my chances of success and was pleased with the results even if it wasn’t quite as neat and tidy as the original recipe.

As always my faithful Mum provided the balloons and the sandwiches and one of Blossom’s sweet aunts made cupcakes (something I am not very good at!)

I also managed to squeeze in some extra baking earlier in the week and made coconut ice and fairy biscuit bites which went down a treat.

Now I know some people don’t care for themes, but I do enjoy the decorating and I’m pleased to say it definitely was not wasted on Blossom who kept spontaneously thanking me during set up and announcing how beautiful everything was, it was the sweetest thing!

What was the last party you went to?

Blossom Turns Five!

Blossom Turns Five! | The Open Home

I love singing and dancing, dressing up with my sister, tea parties, hide and seek with Daddy, nature walks and nature journaling, bird watching, walks through Candie Gardens, babyccinos, library visits, books, poetry tea time, more books, drawing and colouring, collecting shells, running fast, the postbox game, daughter dates and giving big smooches.

My favourite toys are my bunny Boo, my dolls, toy animals, play kitchen, dolls house and wooden train set.

My favourite books are The Complete Tales of Beatrix PotterBrambly Hedge, James Herriot’s Treasury for Children, Paddington Bear, The Dolls House Fairy, The Little House and Bear & Mouse books.

My favourite movies are Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella.

My favourite foods are raspberries, strawberries, yogurt, twisty cheesy pasta, chips, macaroni cheese, Granny’s Yorkshire puddings, ice-cream, chocolate, cake and especially chocolate cake!

When I grow up I want to be a Mummy and an ambulance driver!


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Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

Paddington Bear Tea Party

Paddington Bear Tea Party | The Open HomePaddington Bear Tea Party | The Open HomeThe Open Home 936The Open Home 931The Open Home 934The Open Home 932

Somewhere in the the middle of the year we acquired some sweet Paddington Bear books. The illustrations by R.W. Alley were so sweet that we couldn’t help but fall in love with the sweet Peruvian bear, so a Paddington Bear theme it had to be for Bubbles’ 3rd Birthday party.

The invitations were simple luggage labels a nod to the label worn by Paddington himself on his long journey from darkest Peru. I then opted for a London packed theme with lots of red, white and blue, complete with iconic buses, black cabs and train station vibes.

As my girls LOVE chocolate cake, I usually opt for a simple chocolate fudge cake for their birthday cakes, but I couldn’t resist making a “Marmalade Sandwich”, which is of course is Paddington Bear’s all time favourite food. I also found inspiration for this cake on Pinterest, but instead used my Granny Doreen’s sponge cake recipe as it’s always a winner. The cake was basically a square Victoria sponge, with the top cut off to make it look like a sandwich. It was then lathered with cream and orange curd instead of the usual strawberry jam and it was very yummy, if I do say so myself!

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