{Daughter Diaries} #36


Dear Blossom, I am loving your enthusiasm for gardening and so proud of your sweet and generous nature. I’m sure Wendy the goat will be delighted with her home grown carrots but I just hope that you will allow us to eat some too! Dear Bubbles, you’re growing fast now that you’ve entered your twos and I’m loving the little lady you are becoming. Watching you dance and sing as you do your self-taught ballet is one of the sweetest parts of my day. Dearest Daughters, watching you grow is both a privilege and a joy, but please don’t grow too fast will you!?

What cute things have your kiddos been up to lately?

30 Things in my 30’s

30 Things in my 30's | The Open Home

Last week I turned the big 3-0 and to embrace this next decade I decided to make a list of 30 things I would like to do in my 30’s. Some are big life goals, the things I dream about and others are simply fun or grown up things I’ve been meaning to get round to. In no particular order…

  1. Get a good camera and learn how to use it!
  2. Go on a flower arranging course
  3. Learn to embroider
  4. Learn to play the ukulele with my girls
  5. Learn to speak another language (probably German)
  6. Make a patchwork quilt for each of my girls
  7. Get a pet (maybe a rabbit?)
  8. Try kayaking
  9. Start a veggie patch
  10. Try Beekeeping
  11. Shear a sheep
  12. Climb a mountain
  13. Walk the entire cliffs of Guernsey (in stages)
  14. Read all of Agatha Christie’s Poirot
  15. Read the Anne of Green Gables series
  16. Read the Little House on the Prairie series
  17. Start a Social Science degree
  18. Make a Will
  19. Become a blood donor
  20. Sign up to be an organ donor
  21. Go to 5 new (to me) restaurants on the island
  22. Go to a West End Show in London
  23. Go on a weekend away with a gal pal
  24. Take my girls to the Lake District
  25. Visit Keithley in Yorkshire (where my Gran was evacuated to during WW2)
  26. Visit our friends in Australia & New Zealand
  27. Visit an Asian country
  28. Touch down in the USA
  29. Grow our family through adoption
  30. Celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in style!

What goals do you have on your list?

{January Gratitudes}

Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For seeds that have been sown and new mantras that help me keep the faith.
Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For mundane faithfulness and grocery shopping with my “Latvian princesses”.
Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For snuggles and smooches and the joy of daughter dates.
Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For the responsibilities of motherhood and health returned.
Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For rainy play days, matching bunches and the companionship of sisterhood.
Gratitudes January 2017 | The Open Home
For outdoor art sessions and simple mornings spent at home.

These are the inserts from our gratitude journal during January, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

My Top Ten European Destinations (so far)

This is not a travel blog and I am by no means a travel guru, but a little while ago a friend requested that I share the favourite places I have visited in Europe and I thought I would oblige her request, because perhaps my other readers may be interested too.

The Husby and I have travelled far less in recent years since becoming parents, simply because we now live on one income and have little ones to factor in our travel plans. However, we still enjoy traveling when we can and my ultimate travel goal would be to visit every country in Europe. Ambitious I know, I’ve made it to 20 European countries so far, but admit I have only visited some of these countries very briefly.

Before revealing my list let me state that I’m pretty sure that cities like Rome and Barcelona would be on my list if only I had actually visited them. Most of my European travels have been in the Central and Northern European countries and I have yet to tick off a lot of Eastern Europe. But for now my top 10 places in Europe, in the order in which we visited them are;

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{Daughter Diaries} #35

Daughter Diaries 35 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, today at lunch you declined eating baguette… BAGUETTE! But you love baguette! It’s official then, my little hobbit has lost her appetite and really is under the weather. Having both my girls nap should be a rare treat but hearing you softly snore whilst bundled up on the sofa all afternoon makes Mummy hope her little lady is feeling better soon. Dear Bubbles, folding laundry and changing the beds is not my favourite task of the week, but it is way more enjoyable when your oh so sweet toddler spontaneously declares, “I love you, Mummy.” Mama loves you too little limpet, thanks for loving me so well.  Dearest Daughters, Mama is so thankful that she gets to take care of you in sickness and in health.

Anyone else got the dreaded lurgy? 3 out of 4 of us here.


{Ten on Ten} January 2017

Oops… I had such good intentions for 2017 but yet again I am a day or two late with my Ten on Ten. However, it’s the practice of slowing down to intentionally savour the beauty in our everyday that is important, not the date on which I do so.

I’m always surprised to see how much beauty there is to be found during a simple day at home together.  Lots of cleaning and organising but plenty of play too.

Linking up again with Rebekah Gough here are my ten shots trying to capture the beauty in the ordinary.

Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Multitasking my morning exercise with an impromptu tea party.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Sister snuggles.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Time to play.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Buckets galore!
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Binge reading by Bubbles.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
A world of pure imagination.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Finally making use of these homemade cards.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
More multitasking the daily reading with the daily dinner prep.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Stories and snuggles with their favourite man.
Ten on Ten January 2017 | The Open Home
Late night baking session.

What beauty did you find in the ordinary today?

Woodland Bear Party

Woodland Bear Party | The Open Home

the-open-home-642Woodland Bear Party | The Open HomeWoodland Bear Party | The Open HomeWoodland Bear Party | The Open Homethe-open-home-641Woodland Bear Party | The Open Home

We ended the year with a little bear themed tea party in honour of our sweet Bubbles turning two. She adores all bears but our inspiration was taken from her beloved brown snuggly Bear that she totes around the house with her.

I kept things simple, making use of lots of home decor items I already had on hand, bought some winter foliage, gathered a few pinecones and made some of my favourite home made goodies; snickerdoodles and chocolate fudge cake. The M&D doughnuts were also a big hit!

As always I was pretty rubbish at taking photos during the party, too busy chatting, eating cake and helping Bubbles open her birthday gifts, but it was a fun time with family and as always the girls loved playing with their cousins.

What was the last party you went to?