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Dear Reader,

I know what you may be thinking. “Guernsey… where’s that?”

It’s a question we Guerns encounter on a regular basis and unless you have a connection to the island or are a fan of The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society then it’s understandable that you don’t know.

Guernsey is a small island, part of the British Channel Islands found near the coast of Normandy, France.

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Image via: Arts & Islands Foundation

And when I say small, I mean very small. We’re talking 24 square miles in total.

And when I say British islands, I don’t mean English islands. British and english are not always interchangeable and this is the case here. Guernsey along with the other Channel Islands are British crown dependencies, coming under the monarchy of Britain but not the government of the UK. It’s complicated, i know, this video may help.

Guernsey is a lovely little place though, offering a slower pace of life than most of mainland Britain, with lots of unspoilt scenery and a slightly French feel. We even have our own local language called Guernsey patois, which isn’t widely spoken, but is pretty cool.

If you are interested in learning more about Guernsey then here are a few links:

Other islands that are part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which you can visit from Guernsey:

It is my hope that you can now at least point to Guernsey on a map!

A la perchoine!

Jessica x