Buzz Turns 1!

It’s my birthday!!

I weigh 24lbs.

I am 30 inches long.

I have 6 teeth.

I can wave, clap, point, crawl, furniture walk and high five!

I say row row, hi hi, mum mum and da (for dada)

I love music, dancing, flowers and trees, splashing in the bath, long walks, climbing on furniture, putting way too much food in my mouth, being chased by Daddy, morning snuggles with Mummy, outings with Granny and play time with my sisters.

My favourite toys are my board books, rainbow stacker, maracas and Pippin the donkey.

My favourite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Night Night.

My favourite foods are berries, grapes, kiwi fruit, stir fry and macaroni cheese.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, Mama loves you!