{Daughter Diaries} #62

Daughter Diaries 63 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m delighted that you girls love autumn as much as I do and I love that you want to spend more time snuggling on the sofa and going for long walks with me. Quality time really is the best. Dear Bubbles, I want you to hear me loud and clear! “You are kind, you are smart and you are important.” You are also sweet and tender, wild and cheeky and I love all of you, ALL of you. Dearest Daughters, may my love for you fill your hearts and bless your souls.

Gotta love a golden ginkgo!

{Daughter Diaries} #61

Daughter Diaries #61 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, we’ve had a lot of fun over the last month as we’ve dipped our toe into studying history. I’m delighted that your grandmother’s love of history that was passed on to me now seems to be passing on to you too and that together we’re able to answer tough questions and explore interesting eras. Keep cheering for the under dog, my sweet, there is always someone out there who needs to be given a voice. Dear Bubbles, or should I call you Wriggly-Bottom? Our Stone Age studies are really coming to life for us at the moment and I too wish we could have seen a real life woolly mammoth. I am however grateful that we don’t have to live in cave, despite how much fun you and Rumbly-Tum seem to think that would be! Plus I think our dietary requirements may have proved to be a bit of an issue during the Stone Age, not so much for Hairy-Legs, he would have loved all the free-range, organic meat. Dearest Daughters, thanks for including me in your games, Freckle-Face loves you.

What would your Cave Man name be?


{Daughter Diaries} #60

Daughter Diaries 60 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, in a few days time I will be traveling to the other side of the planet and to say that this thought doesn’t fill my mamas heart with a little anxiety would be a lie – hence all the cleaning! I would be much obliged if you could water the tomato plant whilst I’m gone, remind Daddy to put out the recycling on Sunday evening and oh! please try not to lose your first tooth! I know you’re ever so eager to have a gappy smile but I on the other hand am in no rush for you to grow up and would be somewhat sad to miss out on such a momentous milestone. Dear Bubbles, you teach some great life lessons. One being that if you see a dandy-puff at the side of the path then you should stop to blow it no matter how late for a coffee date you may be. Thanks for reminding me to walk a slower pace in life, to savour the everyday ordinary moments, to not sweat the small stuff and to find beauty amongst the weeds. Dearest Daughters, may you find pleasure in walking slowly through life, finding joy in all circumstances and beauty in unlikely places.

When was the last time you stopped to blow a dandy-puff?

{Daughter Diaries} #59

Daughter Diaries 59 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, in the past week you have slipped down the stairs, tripped in the garden, fallen off the sofa, stumbled in the kitchen, bumped your head on the coffee table and stubbed your toe in the hallway! I feel another growth spurt may be coming on. Perhaps a career as a professional tennis player is not quite the best idea after all, maybe go back to writing books, you’re less likely to break a leg that way! Dear Bubbles, this week marks the end of an era as we say goodbye to play school and move on to new ways of learning together. I was particularly delighted to hear from your ladies in the end of year report that your sense of humour has shone through at play school these past couple of years. You never fail to entertain us with your cheeky antics and I hope you’ll be photobombing my Insta worthy photos for many years to come! Dearest Daughters, may you never lose your zest for life and the ability to laugh at yourself.

When did you last laugh at yourself?


{Daughter Diaries} #58


Dear Blossom, now you are six you are as clever as clever and just like A.A. Milne, I kind of think you should stay six for ever and ever! But I mustn’t be selfish and keep you all to myself now should I? After all, age is a blessing that is denied to so many so I shall instead be brave and embrace each new stage and welcome each new age and let you grow into that young lady I already get glimpses of you becoming. Oh what a sweetheart she will be! Dear Bubbles, being four is such a wonderful age to be, in fact I think it may be my favourite of all the ages. I love the little hands that are often found in mine, the tender kisses that want me to feel loved, the complete and utter silliness that fills our bellies with laughter, the honest, unedited words, spoken straight from the heart and the sweet moments of whimsy that appear before me like magic. I love you all the way up to heaven and around the island too, dear girl. Dearest Daughters, may you be this sweet and lovable and perfect forever. Try to hold on to your whimsy and I’ll try to hold on to your hands.

What sweet things have your little ones said lately?

{Dear Daddy}


Dear Daddy Man, it must be hard to live with so many girls. We jibber and jabber and giggle and squabble all the live long day, especially that Mummy Lady she jabbers the most of all! Thanks for listening though I love sharing my heart with you. I like sharing adventures with you too. Expeditions round the island, scaling ginormous log piles, trying new sports, I enjoy them all when I do them with you, even the hikes in the rain! Thanks for encouraging me to try new things, to push my limits and to be braver than I first believed. Lots of love, backwards hugs and dinner time snuggles from your biggest little girl, Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, can you believe how big I’m getting? So big in fact that I managed to keep all the Father’s Day secrets quiet this year! I particularly hope you enjoy the cheesy footwork I made for you, I know how much you appreciate my stinky boy like moments so I expect you’ll treasure my cheesy feet forever. I may not always admit it but I love you so, so, so, so much! So much in fact that I plan to name one of my 28 babies after you, Daddy makes such a nice name. Lots of love, kisses, zoibergs, thumbs ups and fist pumps from the coolest kid in town, Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, here we are again with another ode to you. The years go by so quickly, too quickly really, but each year despite the mundane, the simple and the everyday normal that makes up so much of life there are many pockets of joy, memories filled with lots of love and happiness and adventures because of you. I’m so pleased I am the one you chose to put up with for the rest of your life, together we make the best team. All my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Fathers Day!

Rainbow Tea Party


Blossom requested a rainbow themed tea party for her 6th birthday and you’d think that’d be an easy theme to pull off, I mean it’s just colourful right? But I actually found this theme to be a tough one to pull together.

Thankfully we had all our lovely wooden rainbow toys to make use of and throw in some bright flowers and rainbow balloons with lots of home made goodies and sweet treats and it all came together pretty well in the end. She was chuffed at least, which made the 3+ hours of cake making the evening before worth it, but next time I’ll be sticking to buttercream icing, way quicker and way more forgiving than fondant!

What was the last party you went to?