{Daughter Diaries} #56

Daughter Diaries 56 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, earlier this week you spontaneously announced “I love nature!” and it made my homeschooling heart sing! Learning through nature is something I’ve prioritised in our homeschool and I’m delighted you share my enthusiasm for the changing seasons, these weekly nature walks in our favourite spot are definitely not wasted on you or me. Dear Bubbles, despite a tough week for you and a tiring one for me we managed to venture out on the weekend and I’m so pleased we did. Not only did the chilly air shake off the week’s cabin fever but we were rewarded with the sight of our favourite pink tree in blossom. So thankful that we didn’t miss this natural wonder and that you’re now fighting fit again, and with no hospital intervention this time too! Dearest Daughters, may you always find beauty in the small things for this is the key to a full and happy heart.

Happy first day of Spring! What do you love about nature?

{Daughter Diaries} #55

Daughter Diaries #55 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, what a privilege it is to be your teacher. Well truth be told, I don’t really consider myself your teacher more of a facilitator of education and I have to admit that helping you learn to read was something that this facilitator of education once felt quite daunted by. In practice though it has been a positive and empowering journey, both for you and me, made all the easier by your cheery disposition and eagerness to devour books. Dear Bubbles, I really enjoyed our special morning together last week. Writing out our “lovely day list” was a sweet moment for this list making mama and I’m delighted we got to tick off every single point. Kiss – check! Cuddle – check! Smooch – check! Read books – check! Do puzzles – check! Go to the airport – check! Thanks for sharing a chocolate muffin with me as we watched the planes fly in.  Dearest Daughters, simple pleasures and sweet moments really do make for the best of memories.

What would you put on your lovely day list?

{Daughter Diaries} #54

Daughter Diaries 54 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you’ve currently ruled out being a librarian (as inspired by Miss Rumphius) in favour of being a carpenter (as inspired by Pa) or a vet (as inspired by James Herriot). I must admit I was kinda hoping the librarian career pathway might work out as it would at least mean I could outsource my library collections to you. Plus I could just picture you in the children’s library surrounded by the rhymes of Milne, the sweetness of Beatrix, the power of words and the worlds of make believe – you would be in your element! Dear Bubbles, thank you for being such an obliging model on our photo shoots. Your cheesy grins always take the focus off my amateur photography skills and for that I am grateful. You really do have a knack for brightening my day though with your sweet ways and affectionate nature, even if your cheeky antics do sometimes get the best of me. Apparently you plan to live with me forever and I’m delighted to hear that you will still sit on my lap for a snuggle even when I’m an old lady. I look forward to reminding you of that when you’re fifty! Dearest Daughters, the more you grow – tiddly pom – the more I love – tiddly pom – the more I love – tiddly pom – being your mummy.

What children’s books are some of your favourites?

Neverland Tea Party

Neverland Party | The Open HomeNeverland Party | The Open HomeNeverland Party | The Open Homethe open home 1156the open home 1153Neverland Party | The Open Home

Neverland Party | The Open Homethe open home 1157

Over the past year Bubbles has taken a liking to the whimsical world of Peter Pan, particularly the crocodile so for her 4th birthday tea party a Neverland theme seemed like the perfect choice.

As always I opted for balloons, flowers and mostly items from around the house that were nods to the story like cufflinks, a thimble, Tinkerbell, of course and Bubbles’ Bear who kindly played the part of Michael’s teddy bear.

There was also plenty of pirate gold and fresh flowers straight from Pixie Hollow (aka. Tiger Lily Florist) and an impressive crocodile cupcake birthday cake made by the lovely Auntie Emily.

Best of all Bubbles had fun playing with her cousins and then big sister Blossom declared it “the best party ever!” and I felt pretty chuffed too.

(Oh and the Tinkerbell photo credit goes to 5 year old Blossom who helped with setting up)

What was the last party you went to?

Bubbles Turns Four!

Bubbles Turns Four! | The Open Home

I love Jumpey, Brambly Hedge, Peter Rabbit, Pooh Bear, bears in general, sea animals, crocodiles, fairies, Neverland, dancing like a ballerina, dressing up like a princess, poetry tea time, hot chocolate, nature walks through Candie Gardens, collecting conkers and other nature treasures, baking, rubber stamping, sending post, hide and seek, playing boongerangas and soldiers with Daddy, snuggling on the sofa, being cheeky, giving kisses, and raucous belly laughs!

My favourite toys are my bear called Bear, toy animals, dressing up clothes, my bumbershoot, cat purse and treasure box, and my sister’s ride on Moo.

My favourite books are Bear & Mouse booksBeatrix Potter’s Tales and Paddington Bear.

My favourite movies are Peter Pan and The Heffalump Movie.

My favourite foods are potatoes, sweet corn, quiche, more potatoes, macaroni cheese, strawberries, yoghurt and hot chocolate!


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Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

{Daughter Diaries} #53

Daughter Diaries 53 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you’re growing way too fast for my liking! There are moments when I catch a glimpse of the gentle, brave and independent young woman you will become and I feel proud to be walking with you on this journey, and then there are moments when we walk hand in hand playing Piglet and Pooh and I wish these sweet, carefree years of childhood could last forever. Dear Bubbles, your reaction to my yellow wonderland surprise was  truly adorable! I love your sense of wonder and your knack for seeing the beauty in the small things. In the end the small things turn out to be the big things, it’s a lesson worth learning whilst you’re young. Dearest Daughters, may you always keep hold of your childhood whimsy and wonder, for these are the memories I will be holding on to when my hair is grey and my legs are wobbly.

Have you been to see the gorgeous ginkgo tree in Candie Gardens yet?


{Daughter Diaries} #52

Daughter Diaries 52 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, watching you learn to read has been empowering for both you and me and watching your excitement as you begin joined up handwriting was just delightful! Your dream of “writing like Mummy!” is now within your grasp and I’m honoured to be your inspiration, ever so thankful to be your guide. Dear Bubbles, your whimsical ways and wonder of life are incredibly endearing and make me want to hold on to these early years with you all the more. Frog watching, postbox spotting and dandy blowing all fill your sweet heart with joy, I can learn so much from you. Dearest Daughters, may you always be this sweet and enthusiastic, life is for the living so live it with passion.

Can you spot the frog in the photo?