{Daughter Diaries} #53

Daughter Diaries 53 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you’re growing way too fast for my liking! There are moments when I catch a glimpse of the gentle, brave and independent young woman you will become and I feel proud to be walking with you on this journey, and then there are moments when we walk hand in hand playing Piglet and Pooh and I wish these sweet, carefree years of childhood could last forever. Dear Bubbles, your reaction to my yellow wonderland surprise was  truly adorable! I love your sense of wonder and your knack for seeing the beauty in the small things. In the end the small things turn out to be the big things, it’s a lesson worth learning whilst you’re young. Dearest Daughters, may you always keep hold of your childhood whimsy and wonder, for these are the memories I will be holding on to when my hair is grey and my legs are wobbly.

Have you been to see the gorgeous ginkgo tree in Candie Gardens yet?


{Daughter Diaries} #52

Daughter Diaries 52 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, watching you learn to read has been empowering for both you and me and watching your excitement as you begin joined up handwriting was just delightful! Your dream of “writing like Mummy!” is now within your grasp and I’m honoured to be your inspiration, ever so thankful to be your guide. Dear Bubbles, your whimsical ways and wonder of life are incredibly endearing and make me want to hold on to these early years with you all the more. Frog watching, postbox spotting and dandy blowing all fill your sweet heart with joy, I can learn so much from you. Dearest Daughters, may you always be this sweet and enthusiastic, life is for the living so live it with passion.

Can you spot the frog in the photo?

{Daughter Diaries} #51

Daughter Diaries 51 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, what a difference a year makes! Looking back on your reception photo shoot I can’t quite believe how much you have grown over this past year. Our home ed lifestyle appears to suit you well and I’m so thankful that we took that leap into whole life learning. You’re transforming into quite the young lady – you even have a later bedtime to prove it! – Mummy is very proud. Dear Bubbles, you are just so cheeky and way too funny! Photobombing was just too good an opportunity to miss and it made us all laugh hard. Thank you for taking your role as the family joker seriously and for making joy and laughter part and parcel of our daily lives. We will live longer and have more wrinkles because of you. Dearest Daughters, may you always keep your sense of wonder and your sense of humour!

What’s been making you laugh lately?


{Daughter Diaries} #50

Daughter Diaries #50 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, our lazy hazy summer days are coming to a close and the sweet anticipation of autumn stirs us both. Soon we will be slipping back into the rhythm of our homeschool days and I look forward to all that this school year holds for you and for me as we stretch our minds and feed our souls. Dear Bubbles, your flower power dress has been your trademark look this summer and an outfit I will always hold dear for both my girls have made sweet summer memories whilst wearing it. In this dress you’ve discovered the pleasure of ice-cream, the fascination of frogs and the exhilaration of hiking and I’ve remembered those petit joys of motherhood all over again. Dearest Daughters, may you always stop to smell the roses, watch those wiggling tadpoles, eat that melting ice-cream and feel that soft sand beneath your feet, for these are the little things that actually turn out to be the big things.

What summer memories have you made this year?

{Daughter Diaries} #49

Daughter Diaries 49 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, forgive me my sweet for my patience has been running low of late in this summer heat and I long for this month’s daughter date, to love you well, to make things right and to be that fun mummy I so desperately want to be. Thank you for your kindness and grace, your forgiveness and love even in the moments when I fall short. Dear Bubbles, beach days with you are turning out to be a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of mess! Your ability to cake yourself in sand is pretty impressive to say the least and your ability to bring joy to our days so very welcome. Dearest Daughters, may you continue to spread joy wherever you go and may you be quick to forgive, especially when the person you need to forgive is yourself.

Where’s your favourite beach? Portelet is a favourite of ours.

{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy 2018 | The Open Home

Dear Daddy Man, what’s your bestest thing to do with me? My favourite thing to do with you is rock climbing and rock-pooling. Or maybe it’s swimming or playing trains? Daughter dates with you are also pretty special so I think perhaps that may be my bestest thing, but then I also love the impromptu dance sessions in the kitchen and playing hide and seek will never get old. There are just too many fun things to choose from! Quality time with you is just my bestest thing to do because you really are the most wonderful Daddy in the whole wide blooming world. True story. Lots of love and sweet smooches from Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, you make me feel so big and brave! So brave in fact that I can whizz down ginormous slides, face giant octopuses and laugh in the face of fierce alligators. When I grow up I really will walk round the whole island with you because I’m going to be tough and strong and determined just like you. Here’s hoping you can put up with my cheeky antics and constant jibber jabber for 12+ hours, but then you put up with Uncle Chi Chi for that amount of time, so why not me!? Lots of love and fairy kisses from your travel buddy, Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, how blessed we both are to be raising these girls together and how blessed we girls are to have you in our lives. You love us and nurture us, protect and provide for us and we love you for it. Thank you for taking care of the big things and being there for the little things. All of my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Father’s Day!

{Daughter Diaries} #48

Daughter Diaries 48 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, quality time with you is just the sweetest thing because you really do know how to enjoy the simple things in life. Trips to the library, strolls through town, sipping milkshakes and sitting on random green stools – all are enough to fill up your love tank when done together, it sure fills up mine too. Dear Bubbles, your big smooches actually bruise my cheeks you love me that much! Beneath your loud, raucous toddler exterior there is a tender heart and affectionate soul. Thank you for stopping randomly in the day to tell me you love me and calling me back into your room at night just to make sure I know. Dearest Daughters, thank you for loving me so fiercely and so faithfully, your love for your mama gives me wings.

What little things make you feel loved?