About Page | The Open Home

Well let me introduce myself properly, my name is Jessica and I live on the tiny British island of Guernsey with my husband and three sweet kids, known on here as Blossom, Bubbles and Buzz.

I spend my days home educating my girls and my evenings writing letters to pen pals around the world. I’m old school like that.

For us home educating is very much a lifestyle choice and I draw most of my inspiration from the Charlotte Mason method of education as well as many other minimalist homeschooling families around the world.

I’m passionate about living simply and living life with an open heart.

The name of this blog is in fact a tribute to an inspirational dutch family that remind me to open my home with love and my heart with courage. Something I think we all need reminding of from time to time.

I write to maintain an open heart, to record my story and to simply enjoy the journey.

You can also find me over on Instagram most days sharing snippets of our home ed life at @theopenhome and also over at @gsy_lws where I share my love of all things postal.

Jessica x