{Update} 30 Things in my 30’s

Update 2020 | 30 Things in my 30s | The Open Home

It’s been a little while since I did an update on how I’m doing with my 30 Things in my 30’s list, partly because I forgot to do an update in 2019! You can see my original post {HERE} and my last update from 2018 {HERE}. Well I’m 3 years in now and I’m actually making some good progress, but there is still a lot to do too – 10 things completed, 10 things in progress and 10 still yet to tackle.

Update 2020 | 30 Things in my 30s | The Open Home
GSY LWS, est 2017.



1. Start a letter writers group in GuernseyThe Guernsey Letter Writers Society was established in September 2017 and continues to meet monthly.

2. Become a blood donor – I wasn’t actually able to become a blood donor so signed up for the Anthony Nolan Trust in 2017 instead.

3. Sign up to be an organ donor – completed in 2017.

4. Go to a West End Show in LondonI’ve actually been to two plus a play! Saw Aladdin in June 2017, Wicked in April 2018 and Witness to the Prosecution in August 2019!

5. Go on a weekend away with a gal pal – went on a London trip with a friend in April 2018. 

6. Read the complete collection of Winnie the Pooh – read with my girls in Autumn 2018 and due to read it again with my eldest this Spring.

7. Get a good camera and actually learn how to use it! – bought an Olympus PEN E-PL9 and loving it!

8. Visit friends in New Zealand – traveled solo to stay with my friends on North Island in August 2019.

9. Take my girls to the Lake District – went on a Family holiday in October 2019.

10. Visit Keighley in Yorkshire (where my Gran was evacuated to during WW2) – tied this in with our Lake District trip in October 2019

Update 2020 | 30 Things in my 30s | The Open Home
Derwent on Water, English Lake District.


In Progress…

11. Learn calligraphy – downloaded courses from The Postman’s Knock but still need to dedicate some real practice time and would still like to go on a course if I can.

12. Get fit (and back to pre-pregnancy weight) – I was 28lbs down in summer 2019 and working out on average of 4 times a week. Still working out regularly but not tracking my weight whilst pregnant.

13. Go to 10 new (to me) restaurants on the island – 4 Down. 6 to Go. (So far ticked off Copenhagen, The Rockmount, Buho and The Slaughter House)

14. Take my girls to the other Channel Islands1 Down. 4 to Go. (So far ticked off Herm)

15. Learn to embroider and with my girls – started in Summer 2019.

16. Make a patchwork quilt for both of my girls – started in Autumn 2019, but going to take me a while to complete!

17. Walk the entire cliffs of Guernsey (in stages) – started with the Husby in summer 2019.

18. Become Foster Carers – attended first training course in September 2019.

19. Read all of Agatha Christie’s Poirot – started in Autumn 2019 but going to take a good while to complete!

20. Visit 10 new to me cities1 Down. 9 to Go. So far I’ve visited Wellington in August 2019 and have Dubrovnik scheduled for 2020 travels.

Update 2020 | 30 Things in my 30s | The Open Home
Wellington, New Zealand.


Still to do…

21. Go on a flower arranging course just for fun

22. Learn British Sign Language – found a local course, but will have to start in a few years time.

23. Go kayaking

24. Climb a mountain with the Husby

25. Get a pet (probably a rabbit)

26. Make a Will

27. Donate my wedding dress to charity

28. Go to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

29. Celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in Ljubljana, Slovenia – due September 2021.

30. Celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in Rome, Italy – due September 2026.


What things do you have on your bucket list?

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