{Daughter Diaries} #61

Daughter Diaries #61 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, we’ve had a lot of fun over the last month as we’ve dipped our toe into studying history. I’m delighted that your grandmother’s love of history that was passed on to me now seems to be passing on to you too and that together we’re able to answer tough questions and explore interesting eras. Keep cheering for the under dog, my sweet, there is always someone out there who needs to be given a voice. Dear Bubbles, or should I call you Wriggly-Bottom? Our Stone Age studies are really coming to life for us at the moment and I too wish we could have seen a real life woolly mammoth. I am however grateful that we don’t have to live in cave, despite how much fun you and Rumbly-Tum seem to think that would be! Plus I think our dietary requirements may have proved to be a bit of an issue during the Stone Age, not so much for Hairy-Legs, he would have loved all the free-range, organic meat. Dearest Daughters, thanks for including me in your games, Freckle-Face loves you.

What would your Cave Man name be?


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