{Daughter Diaries} #59

Daughter Diaries 59 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, in the past week you have slipped down the stairs, tripped in the garden, fallen off the sofa, stumbled in the kitchen, bumped your head on the coffee table and stubbed your toe in the hallway! I feel another growth spurt may be coming on. Perhaps a career as a professional tennis player is not quite the best idea after all, maybe go back to writing books, you’re less likely to break a leg that way! Dear Bubbles, this week marks the end of an era as we say goodbye to play school and move on to new ways of learning together. I was particularly delighted to hear from your ladies in the end of year report that your sense of humour has shone through at play school these past couple of years. You never fail to entertain us with your cheeky antics and I hope you’ll be photobombing my Insta worthy photos for many years to come! Dearest Daughters, may you never lose your zest for life and the ability to laugh at yourself.

When did you last laugh at yourself?


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