{Spring Nature Study}

The Open Home 1204

“Why be indoors when you can rightly be without.” – Charlotte Mason

Spring never disappoints us. We appreciate every new bloom that comes through, every new bird that visits and every new addition down on the farm.

This spring we’ve learnt about the circle of life as we said goodbye to one pet goat and welcomed in another. We joined in Guernsey’s first BioBlitz and left with a new appreciation for moths and voles. We’ve seen improved skill through our nature journaling, started to dabble in some nature photography and even began work on our very own wildlife garden.

Here are some of the snapshots:

The Open Home 1185
Up close with the bees and bulbs.
The Open Home 1183
New arrivals down on the farm.
The Open Home 1223
Coastal walks and interesting nest sites.
The Open Home 1224
Rockpooling with Daddy at Chouet.
The Open Home 1188
Nature journaling first signs of spring.
The Open Home 1252
Watching the starlings fly overhead.
The Open Home 1258
Happy days down on the farm.
The Open Home 1209
Discovering new-to-us bays.
The Open HOme 1253
Joining in the BioBlitz.
The Open Home 1254
The six-spot burnet moth in all it’s glory.
The Open Home 1207
My trusty nature backpack.
Nature Study Spring 2019 | The Open Home
Delicate egg discovery from the western parishes.

What did you enjoy most about nature this Spring?

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