{Daughter Diaries} #57

The Open Home 1212

Dear Blossom, just a few more days of five year old you so please allow me to feel just a tad sentimental as we leave these early years behind. I love your quiet confidence, your gentle soul and your book worm-ish ways, I love your spontaneous hugs and nose scrunching smiles and I love how you always get pollen on your nose when stopping to smell the flowers. Thank you for teaching me to be gentle and kind, to appreciate the little things in life and to say yes more than I say no. Dear Bubbles, you’re feisty and fun loving and feel things so deeply and I love these things about you so very much. Thank you for sharing your young heart with me, for loving me fiercely and for keeping me on my toes. Dearest Daughters, may you continue to challenge and teach me with every passing year to be present and patient and to walk slow enough to savour.

Do you slow down to stop and smell the flowers?

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