{Daughter Diaries} #55

Daughter Diaries #55 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, what a privilege it is to be your teacher. Well truth be told, I don’t really consider myself your teacher more of a facilitator of education and I have to admit that helping you learn to read was something that this facilitator of education once felt quite daunted by. In practice though it has been a positive and empowering journey, both for you and me, made all the easier by your cheery disposition and eagerness to devour books. Dear Bubbles, I really enjoyed our special morning together last week. Writing out our “lovely day list” was a sweet moment for this list making mama and I’m delighted we got to tick off every single point. Kiss – check! Cuddle – check! Smooch – check! Read books – check! Do puzzles – check! Go to the airport – check! Thanks for sharing a chocolate muffin with me as we watched the planes fly in.  Dearest Daughters, simple pleasures and sweet moments really do make for the best of memories.

What would you put on your lovely day list?

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