{Daughter Diaries} #54

Daughter Diaries 54 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you’ve currently ruled out being a librarian (as inspired by Miss Rumphius) in favour of being a carpenter (as inspired by Pa) or a vet (as inspired by James Herriot). I must admit I was kinda hoping the librarian career pathway might work out as it would at least mean I could outsource my library collections to you. Plus I could just picture you in the children’s library surrounded by the rhymes of Milne, the sweetness of Beatrix, the power of words and the worlds of make believe – you would be in your element! Dear Bubbles, thank you for being such an obliging model on our photo shoots. Your cheesy grins always take the focus off my amateur photography skills and for that I am grateful. You really do have a knack for brightening my day though with your sweet ways and affectionate nature, even if your cheeky antics do sometimes get the best of me. Apparently you plan to live with me forever and I’m delighted to hear that you will still sit on my lap for a snuggle even when I’m an old lady. I look forward to reminding you of that when you’re fifty! Dearest Daughters, the more you grow – tiddly pom – the more I love – tiddly pom – the more I love – tiddly pom – being your mummy.

What children’s books are some of your favourites?

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