{Daughter Diaries} #50

Daughter Diaries #50 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, our lazy hazy summer days are coming to a close and the sweet anticipation of autumn stirs us both. Soon we will be slipping back into the rhythm of our homeschool days and I look forward to all that this school year holds for you and for me as we stretch our minds and feed our souls. Dear Bubbles, your flower power dress has been your trademark look this summer and an outfit I will always hold dear for both my girls have made sweet summer memories whilst wearing it. In this dress you’ve discovered the pleasure of ice-cream, the fascination of frogs and the exhilaration of hiking and I’ve remembered those petit joys of motherhood all over again. Dearest Daughters, may you always stop to smell the roses, watch those wiggling tadpoles, eat that melting ice-cream and feel that soft sand beneath your feet, for these are the little things that actually turn out to be the big things.

What summer memories have you made this year?

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