{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy 2018 | The Open Home

Dear Daddy Man, what’s your bestest thing to do with me? My favourite thing to do with you is rock climbing and rock-pooling. Or maybe it’s swimming or playing trains? Daughter dates with you are also pretty special so I think perhaps that may be my bestest thing, but then I also love the impromptu dance sessions in the kitchen and playing hide and seek will never get old. There are just too many fun things to choose from! Quality time with you is just my bestest thing to do because you really are the most wonderful Daddy in the whole wide blooming world. True story. Lots of love and sweet smooches from Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, you make me feel so big and brave! So brave in fact that I can whizz down ginormous slides, face giant octopuses and laugh in the face of fierce alligators. When I grow up I really will walk round the whole island with you because I’m going to be tough and strong and determined just like you. Here’s hoping you can put up with my cheeky antics and constant jibber jabber for 12+ hours, but then you put up with Uncle Chi Chi for that amount of time, so why not me!? Lots of love and fairy kisses from your travel buddy, Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, how blessed we both are to be raising these girls together and how blessed we girls are to have you in our lives. You love us and nurture us, protect and provide for us and we love you for it. Thank you for taking care of the big things and being there for the little things. All of my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Father’s Day!

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