{Daughter Diaries} #43

Daughter Diaries 43 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, aka. the Japanese Maple Fairy. Four weeks into our journey as whole life learners and I’m loving having you back home in the nest. Learning alongside you is perhaps one of the greatest joys that motherhood brings and also one of the biggest responsibilities. Your smiling face, quiet confidence and whimsical imagination spur me on. Your sweet affirmations and spontaneous kisses also help too! Dear Bubbles, as you know I try to capture the sweet moments of family life here, as an aid to my efforts to savour the moment and enjoy the little things. But that does not mean motherhood is always easy nor our lives always peachy. Toddler tantrums at this stage of life can be frequent, food fights occasionally happen, Mummy sometimes loses her cool and crying and comfort eating usually ensues. But through it all I love you with a fierce and deep love and thankfully, through it all He is faithful. Dearest Daughters, life is a journey not a destination, may you always remember to enjoy where you are on the way to wherever you are going.

What little things are you enjoying in this season of life?

4 thoughts on “{Daughter Diaries} #43

  1. Marilyn

    Spending more time with my Granddaughters, doing housework at my leisure, not having to get the bus early in the morning when it is still dark or blowing a hooley, meeting friends for coffee, organising and condensing my many photo albums……. wow the list could go on. Who new reaching retirement age was such a blessing.


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