The Guernsey Letter Writers Society

Guernsey Letter Writers Society | The Open Home

Back in 2016 I decided to use both this blog and my Instagram account to share photos of my mail art and love of all things snail mail. During this time I’ve seen a growing interest in letter writing on the island and I therefore decided it was time to gather these like minded people together so that we can share our passion and encourage others to keep letters alive!

Thus I introduce to you the Guernsey Letter Writers Society, launching tomorrow evening with our inaugural meeting.

The Guernsey Letter Writers Society, or GSY LWS for short, is basically a social group for those interested in the art of letter writing. Each month on behalf of the GSY LWS I will be hosting a letter writing social where people can come to dedicate time to their handwritten correspondence.

Whether a veteran letter writer or a complete newbie to the world of snail mail you are welcome to join us at these monthly gatherings. Our first letter writing social takes place tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6th September and there are more details about this meeting and what to expect at a letter writing social over on the GSY LWS site.

Please note, I will not be advertising these monthly gatherings on this blog or on my personal Facebook account. If you are interested in joining us and want to know more then please follow along on Instagram at @gsy_lws

When did you last write someone a letter?


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