{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy 2017 | The Open Home

Dear Daddy Man, I love you sooooooooo much! You really are the man! The man that picks me up when I fall, fills my life with laughter and helps me to be my best. You are my encourager and my hero, I find courage because of you. Thank you for always having time to build the elaborate train tracks, for helping me scale the trunks in the Deep Dark Wood and for dating me with such charm and creativity. Lots of love and cheek bruising smooches from, Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, now I know we don’t always see eye to eye but that is because you have boring grown up logic and I am in fact a crazy toddler. I happen to enjoy licking my sandy feet, flinging my nappies at inappropriate times and having my book pile just so. Thank you for embracing my little quirks and putting up with my inner diva. I love you more than Candie Gardens and chocolate brownies. Lots of love and Gruffalo snuggles from, Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, you are patient and you are kind. You are generous and you are humble. You are brave and you are strong. You take care of your ladies so very well and I love you for it. All of my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Father’s Day!

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