Bubbles Turns Two!

Bubbles Turns Two! | The Open Home

I love bears, bath time, Mummy’s Jumpey, collecting the post, binge reading, hide and seek with Daddy, gardening, emptying the dishwasher, outings with Uncle Jojo, my blue handbag, hair clips, tea parties, playing dress up, dancing with my big sister, running through leaves, picnics, outdoor adventures, plane spotting, birdwatching, goats, the moon, being cheeky, giving kisses and raucous belly laughs!

My favourite phrases include “me too!”, “me come!”, “Mama’s baby”, “my wifey chops!”, “me like that!”, “blue car/door/bag…”,”more books”, “read me” and “Jojo Jojo Jojo.”

My favourite toys are my bear called Bear, my dolls, toy animals, wooden puzzles and play kitchen.

My favourite books are Cave Baby, The Gruffalo’s ChildThe Baby’s Catalogue and Alfie books.

My favourite foods are bananas, raspberries, yoghurt, potatoes, sweet corn, baked beans, more potatoes, pink french fancies and of course, chocolate cake!


For more posts about our sweet Bubbles, click {HERE}.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Mama loves you.

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