{Daughter Diaries} #34

Daughter Diaries 34 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, warning… life doesn’t always go to plan, your most recent haircut being the case in point. Almost three inches later and following a few tears (on my part) you’re still as cute as a button and sweet as a lollipop. It really is what’s inside that matters but puffy tutu skirts do help. Dear Bubbles, your birthday next week will see you leaving the sweet toddle of your baby days behind you and trudging full gusto into your terrible tremendous twos. Your cheeky ways continue to keep us on our toes, your incredible cuteness constantly blows us away and your love for your big sister melts my heart. Dearest Daughters, we laugh more and love more with you in our lives, may you always know how deeply you are cherished.

Hands up whose received a hair cut they later regretted? (The year was 2006…)

4 thoughts on “{Daughter Diaries} #34

  1. Marilyn

    There are too many bad hair disasters to mention them all. My perms must be up there at the top of the list and unfortunately I have the photos to prove it


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