Snail Mail Links to Get You Started

Snail Mail Links to Get You Started | The Open Home

As you know, one of my goals in life is to send a little love and what better way to send a little love then by sending a letter?

Sometimes the old ways are the best and when it comes to mail this really is the case. A handwritten note speaks so much more than an email or text ever could.

I’ve been writing hand written letters on and off for twenty years now, however it was only recently that I started to combine letter writing with crafting and thus I joined the snail mail revolution!

The more handwritten notes I send the more I come across people who love receiving happy mail and wish they could send more themselves. If you fit into this category then let me encourage you that all you need is a pen, some paper and a point in the write direction to get started.

Snail Mail Links to Get You Started | The Open Home

There is a whole community of snail mailers out there who love to correspond the good old fashioned way, however if you’re a newbie then the best place to start is probably with your current friends and family. Simply sending thank you notes, birthday cards and even postcards is a great way to begin and less intimidating than a long letter and mail art.

Sending humble pieces of snail mail to friends in this way has actually sparked a regular correspondence that has led on to sending long letters, mail art and even games of mail tag.

Once you’ve started small and feel ready to find some pen pals in the true sense of the word and exchange letters with people you have never met then perhaps check out the following links. There are way more sites out there but these are the sites and accounts that I personally use and visit regularly.

Finding people to write to:

Letter writing inspiration:

Handlettering and calligraphy inspiration:

Inspiration on Instagram:

  • @artsynibs
  • @confessionsfromthepanhandle
  • @devoteddiarist
  • @globalpenpal
  • @handwrittenharper
  • @idleemma
  • @lieselottt
  • @nicolette_creates
  • @papersisters
  • @parcelparty
  • @ritewhileyoucan
  • @snailmaillove
  • @thepostmansknock


That’s probably more than enough to get you started! I do hope that is of help to you and I do hope you will join the revolution and keep letters alive.

Go on, send a little love, send someone a letter.

Who could you send a letter to?

2 thoughts on “Snail Mail Links to Get You Started

  1. Sophie June 11, 2016 / 16:17

    Thank you for sharing this is so helpful! x


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