Daughter Diaries #27

Daughter Diaries 27 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you regularly hear people refer to you as shy and I hate that at three years old your view of yourself is already being shaped by others. Well let me tell you this, some of the greatest women I know are quiet, thoughtful, gentle souls, so you my dear are in good company. And just for the record you also happen to be generous, loving, kind and courageous, clever, funny, silly and sweet! Dear Bubbles, as for you? Well toddlerdom is most definitely amongst us and we are seeing a little bit more of a drama queen! Teething is nasty and tantrums are tiring, but once the storm passes you are your true self;  charming, inquisitive, daring and brave. Dearest Daughters, may you always be happy in your own skin and stay true to who your are, because who you are is definitely worth being.

What did you often get labelled as a child?

2 thoughts on “Daughter Diaries #27

  1. Marilyn

    She’s not shy just a bit choosy who she will speak to. Once she knows someone she is anything but shy. She is adorable as is her little sister.


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