{Daughter Diaries} #26

Daughter Diaries #26 part of The Daughter Diaries | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, when you grow up you want to get married in a tower, to either Daddy or Granny, and you are apparently going to wear a beautiful ‘hood’. Whether you wear a hood or a veil or even a saucepan on your head, I know for sure you will look simply stunning. Dear Bubbles, do not fear, big sister Blossom has a beau in mind for you too and suggests you marry Uncle Jojo and live in the tower with her. Unfortunately I am not allowed to live with you all in the tower, it appears I have been banished, perhaps because Blossom and I are still arguing about whether a bride’s veil is called a hood! Dearest Daughters, hopefully you won’t be too heartbroken when you realise that your current suitors are in fact unsuitable. I shall break the news to you gently when the time is right, hold you close and distract you with chocolate biscuits. Now can I come and live in the tower with you?

Who did you want to marry when you were little?

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