My Snail Mail Journey


In some ways I consider myself very new to the whole snail mail scene, however I’ve actually been writing letters on and off for twenty years now.

I had my first penpal at just 8 years old, a friend I made whilst on holiday in Tenerife. Throughout my teens and early twenties I then sent letters backwards and forwards between various gal pals who had moved to the UK for their university education.

Over time though most of these friends have moved back home and my letter writing slowly scaled down in my mid twenties without me even realising it. It was only towards the end of 2015 as another friend returned home to the island that I realised that was another penpal off the list. This is when I decided to actively pursue some new penpals and stumbled across a whole revolution of snail mail.

Snail mail has come to mean so much more than just traditional slow correspondence going through the postal system. It can involve paper crafting, gorgeous embellishments, oodles of washi tape and even beautiful lettering and calligraphy.

So although a seasoned letter writer I am new to combining my letter writing with my crafting to create mail art. I am also very new to exchanging mail with people I have never met and creating friendships through exchanging letters with people who are penpals in the true sense of the word.

So as a newbie I decided to sign up to a few highly recommended sites that facilitate mail exchanges and swaps.

First I signed up to Postcrossing and now “send a postcard to receive a postcard” with the help of my two girls who enjoy visiting Paperchase with me on a weekly basis.

Next I became a member of The Postal Society where I quickly found two pen pals, one in the U.S. and one in Canada, as well as the Letter Writers Alliance where I found another pen pal in the U.S.

First letters have been exchanged and I’m having so much fun writing regularly again. I’m also loving the mail art and find that letter writing feeds my creativity. I’ve crafted and doodled more this past month then I have in about 3 years! I think I’ve truly found my medium for artistic expression.

But my snail mail journey doesn’t stop here. I’ve bought my first fountain pen and I’m now practicing faux calligraphy with a view of progressing on to modern calligraphy and brush lettering. I’m now also hoping to find a couple of pen pals based in Europe and want to join in a few other initiatives such as More Love Letters and writing letters to children via charitable organisations.

So to sum up, I love snail mail! And I think you would too if you give it a try. Not sure where to start? Then visit my Snail Mail page to find some useful links. Already a snail mailer? Then connect with me on Instagram, I’d love to see what you create.

When was the last time you sent a piece of handwritten happy mail?


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