{Daughter Diaries} #25


Dear Blossom, since starting play school last month you have outgrown pretty much your entire wardrobe of clothes and I have just spent a small fortune restocking it ready for spring. Watching you twirl and smile with girlish glee as you tried every item on made your new capsule wardrobe worth every single penny. Dear Bubbles, your favourite word is “look!” and just look at how big and beautiful you’re getting! The transformation from baby to toddler will soon be complete, once you realise that you can actually walk! Dearest Daughters, with age comes new beauty, remember that when you hit the big numbers.

Got your spring wardrobe ready yet?

2 thoughts on “{Daughter Diaries} #25

  1. Marilyn

    I will be getting a new spring wardrobe as none of my clothes fit anymore. I am so confident that the weight will stay off that I have a huge bag of clothes to take to the charity shop. I may need help with shopping.


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