An Open Letter to Discipline


Dear Discipline,

How long has it been now? Two, three, maybe even four years? Bit by bit our relationship has been under strain, a distance has grown between us and you have become elusive in my life.

I realise I need to take responsibility for this breakdown. I have been tired and weak and easily lured by the attractive lifestyle that Laziness had to offer. Mindlessness got to me too and together they have slowly wormed their way into my life, leaving me with unhealthy attachments that have led me away from you.

The truth is though, Discipline it is you I want and it is you I need. Please take me back, I beg of you! I will call it off with chocolate cake and carrot cake and every cake for that matter, I promise. I just want to walk life with you again. To feel healthy and fit and strong, full of life and vitality.

We were great together weren’t we?  I know it won’t always be easy but I am willing to try. I promise to work hard and we can start small, each new step a success in it’s own right. Together we will be happy, we will be successful and we will live life to the full, I just know it.

My mind has been so negative without you, my heart weary, my body weak. But today marks a new beginning. A chance to choose positivity and to change perspective. A chance to stop making excuses and to start making progress. A chance to stop wishing and start doing. A chance to choose what I want most over what I want now. A chance to live in freedom.

With love and renewed determination,

Jessica x

P.S. Can’t you just feel those positive vibes? I even bought weights, that’s how serious I am.

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