{Daughter Diaries} #23

The Open Home 590

Dear Blossom, last week you paid me a very sweet compliment, perhaps the highest compliment I have ever received. “You are beautiful like Mary.” And not just any Mary, but Mary the Mother of Jesus! Wow. Thanks for thinking of your mother so highly, you blow me away with your sweet words. Dear Bubbles, you have a tendency to flail about kicking and screaming when I attempt to put you in your car seat. However, bring the thing indoors and “carseat time” is proving popular! Perhaps this should become a regular bench mark in the day like nap time and quiet time,  it bought me about 20 minutes of peace and for that I will be eternally grateful. Dearest Daughters, may twenty sixteen be full of  many more crazy, cute and quotable moments like these.

What is the highest compliment you have ever been paid?


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