{Twenty Fifteen} in Review

Here are some of my favourite photos and highlights from 2015…

The Open Home 557

The Open Home 559

The Open Home 560



The Open Home 556


The Open Home 346

The Open Home 352

The Open Home 350

The Open Home 360

The Open Home 361

The Open Home 363

The Open Home 370

The Open Home 372

The Open Home 375

The Open Home 394

The Open Home 562

The Open Home 398

The Open Home 412

The Open Home 413

The Open Home 417

The Open Home 418

The Open Home 425

The Open Home 430

The Open Home 440

The Open Home 446

The Open Home 450

The Open Home 459

The Open Home 498

The Open Home 521

The Open Home 541

Life in 2015 has pretty much been one big adjustment for us all. We started the year with a 3 day old baby girl and the reality of life with a baby and a toddler was slowly setting in.

In the spring the Husby started working as a professional teenager (aka. Youth Pastor) with our home church which resulted in a house move, lots of DIY, even more gardening and a new life style and schedule to settle into.

So the first part of the year was in many ways very hard, exciting but hard. There was way too much mummy anxiety for me and way too little sleep all round, but as the summer came it brought with it new hope as the newborn fog began to lift and life with two little girls finally found it’s rhythm and began to taste all the sweeter.

Life with a baby and toddler this autumn has been a real joy. There has been whinging and crying, squabbles and even chicken pox, but there has also been so much laughter and chatter, ample amounts of cuddles and lots of repeat readings of The Gruffalo.

So as winter begins and the year of 2015 comes to an end it is with a full and thankful heart that I look back. I definitely feel older, perhaps a little wiser but I’m definitely feeling content with life and with where God has placed us for this season.

So here’s to 2015, I hope it has treated you well. What are you looking forward to in 2016?

2 thoughts on “{Twenty Fifteen} in Review

  1. Paul Cheetham January 11, 2016 / 15:00

    Thanks for your blogs Jessica , these 2015 photos are great .



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