Bubbles Turns One!

Bubbles Turns One! | The Open Home

It’s my birthday!!

I weigh 19lbs.

I am 29 inches long.

I have (almost!) 2 teeth.

I can wave, clap, point, crawl, stand up, furniture walk and do twinkle hands!

I say mama, dada, baba, hiya, yeah, no and boo!

I love splashing in the bath, being chased by Daddy, climbing, cuddles with my Mummy, playing in the garden, outings with Granny, books, singing songs, dancing, sorting laundry, climbing, being silly with my big sister, getting splashed in the face, eating off the floor, my snuggly blanket and even more climbing!

My favourite toys are my board books, first puzzle, building blocks and farm animals.

My favourite books are Night Night, Dogs and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

My favourite foods are raspberries, peaches, cheese, yogurt and tortellini.


For more posts about our sweet little Bubbles click {HERE}

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, Mama loves you!

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