{Ten on Ten} December 2015

We’ve been home for most of the day today as two of us three girls have rotten colds and are just not feeling our best. However, there was still beauty to be found, joy to behold and gratitude in abundance. One of the highlights of the day was arriving home to a sweet note and chocolate treat from The Husby, no photo evidence unfortunately as Blossom and I were far too busy devouring the chocolate with childlike excitement that alas, the photo capturing moment was gone.

Linking up with Rebekah Gough again, here are my ten shots from today…

The Open Home 535
I feel like a real grown up now that we have bedside cabinets. Our room is finally feeling cosy.
The Open Home 538
Today Bubbles discovered the Christmas decorations for the very first time!
The Open Home 542
Oh my, the excitement that was had when an early Christmas gift arrived in today’s post!
The Open Home 540
Reading said Christmas gift for the third time. “Just Nicholas” is way better than Santa Claus, in my honest opinion.
The Open Home 541
We are loving our activity advent calendar, today we made a Christmas wreath.
The Open Home 537
Speaking of wreaths… our first ever Christmas wreath – now we’re officially grown up!
The Open Home 536
Blossom busy working in “her office” like Daddy. (Please note she is wearing Daddy’s shoes!)
The Open Home 538
Time to wind down before dinner. I sure love that padded cloth bottom!
The Open Home 539
I’m currently enjoying tidying up the lounge at the end of the day thanks to the addition of these gorgeous cushions that arrived yesterday.
The Open Home 543
And the girls are in bed! I at least prefer sorting stickers to sorting laundry.

What beauty did you find in the ordinary today?

4 thoughts on “{Ten on Ten} December 2015

  1. Leanne December 10, 2015 / 22:46

    Such a lovely day- its looking like Christmas! Love the photo of your hand made wreath 🙂


    • theopenhome December 11, 2015 / 09:40

      Thanks for visiting Leanne, the wreath one is my favourite of the bunch! 🙂


  2. Marilyn December 14, 2015 / 09:44

    It is good when a house feels like a home and you have certainly achieved that.


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