{November Gratitudes}

The Open Home 519
For the first fire of the season and a house we love to call home.
The Open Home 516
For mama’s little helper and the never ending laundry that means we have plenty of clothes to wear.
The Open Home 515
For generous friends and quiet times engrossed in pretend play.
The Open Home 517
For fresh running water and the joy of two babes in the tub.
The Open Home 518
For my little fashionista and her love of shoes, preferably mine!
The Open Home 524
For morning bed head and the first attempts at independent dressing.
The Open Home 522
For weekly visits to Nanny Goats and brave encounters with her first goat.
The Open Home 521
For a church that excites my child’s heart!


These are some of the inserts from our family gratitude journal during November, reminding us that God is good and we are blessed!

What have you been thankful for this month?


2 thoughts on “{November Gratitudes}

  1. Marilyn November 30, 2015 / 17:27

    I am very thankful for my two gorgeous granddaughters who brighten up my day


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