{Daughter Diaries} #21

Daughter Diaries #21 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, you turned two and a half last week and despite your young age seem to have already found your own unique style. You wear wellies with bloomers, think hair bands should be worn like this and can also rock a pair of leopard print glasses. That is no easy feat I can assure you and for that I’ll admit that mama is slightly jealous. Dear Bubbles, I can’t express how overjoyed I am that you are still a mummy’s girl! I felt sure I would have been knocked off my pedestal and replaced by that Daddy Man many months ago. However it would seem my cunning plan of back tracking on the sleep training and starting to feed you in the nights again is doing the trick, or wait, was that your cunning plan to wrap me around your little finger? I’m not quite sure. Dearest Daughters, you are bold and you are beautiful, may you always be this strong and courageous.

Were you a mummy’s girl/boy or a daddy’s girl/boy?

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