{Daughter Diaries} #17

Daughter Diaries #17 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, I love lazy days at home with you; pottering around the house, snuggling under blankets and rolling around together on the floor (despite having no curtains) as we sing yet another rendition of “row, row, row, the boat” or whatever the current days favourite may be. I will always cherish these sweet toddler moments with you. Dear Bubbles, you are currently full of snuffles and all bunged up with your very first cold. For this reason I shall continue to give you mummy milk in the night as you so desire, but know this, your days (or rather your nights) are numbered little one, there is only so much sleep deprivation this mummy can take. Enjoy those sleepy snuggles whilst you still can, I know I will. Dearest Daughters, simple moments like these may be hard to capture on camera but they are forever captured in your mama’s heart.

What are your favourite nursery rhymes? “Ring a Ring o Roses” is another favourite in our house.

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