{Daughter Diaries} #13

Daughter Diaries #13 | The Open Home

Dear Blossom, gardening is so much more fun when we’re gardening with you. Your can do attitude and little green fingers are bringing some much needed life into our back yard. Your sweet girly giggles and games of hide and seek also help too! Dear Bubbles, it would seem you’re already encouraging your sister in her cheeky toddler antics. Egging her on with shrieks of approval is not the moral support I was looking for during our wayward bedtime routine. However, it is definitely the kind of camaraderie and sisterly joy I was hoping for my girls, so Mummy can’t stay mad for long. Dearest Daughters, may you always be filled with this much love, laughter and life.

What is filling your life with laughter and love at the moment?

2 thoughts on “{Daughter Diaries} #13

  1. Marilyn July 3, 2015 / 09:04

    You have the sweetest,most adorable daughters but I may be a bit biased

    Love Mum


    • theopenhome July 3, 2015 / 13:05

      Why thank you – you are definitely biased though!


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