{Dear Daddy}

Dear Daddy 2015 | The Open Home

Dear Daddy Man, when I grow up I hope to be a bookworm, just like you! Thanks for reading the same stories to me again and again and again! Thanks also for being the best of fun, for teaching me about dinosaurs, playing hide and seek in the garden and even dancing the wiggly-woo. You really are my sunshine. I love you more than Boo and Anna’s chocolate cake – and that’s a LOT! Lots of love, thumbs up and zoidbergs from Blossom xx

Dearest Daddy, when I was born I thought I was going to be a mummy’s girl, after all she does have the milk, but then I realised that you give the best tickles and make the yummiest dinners so I have now decided I am in fact a daddy’s girl. This is why I save all my best smiles for you! I love you more than snuggly swaddle cloths and chewing my little nutbrown hare. Lots of love, raspberries and slobbery kisses from Bubbles xx

Dear Husby, thank you for making me a very happy lady by making me a very happy mummy. I love how much you enjoy being a daddy of girls, watching you with our daughters blesses my heart every day. Thank you for being the perfect mix of both gentle and strong, you lead your ladies well. All of my heart, Wifey xx

Happy Father’s Day!

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