{Books Lately} June 2015

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Today I am linking up with Quick Lit over on Modern Mrs Darcy to share with you some short and sweet reviews of the books I’ve been reading lately. Here are the notable.

Every Body Matters Image

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas

I kickstarted the year with this book and it was just what I needed after the birth of my second daughter, when my body wasn’t quite feeling my own and my mind turned to getting my body back to some new sense of normal. This book blew me away and seriously challenged my priorities in regard to my own health and fitness. It is not a diet book nor a fitness guide, but rather a theological argument that challenges the church to put a higher priority on pursuing physical health. It has left me with a new and much healthier stance on achieving physical fitness, one that seeks to strengthen my body in order to strengthen my soul. I highly recommend this book, it is full of wisdom and relevance and gets five stars from me.

The 5 Love Languages ImageThe 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Gifts. You may think you know the 5 love languages, I did, having heard about them on a marriage course a few years back, but this small taster was no substitute for the actual book. I honestly found the book somewhat revelatory! It is full of wonderful case studies and many ‘a ha!‘ moments that will leave you with practical ideas to use as tools in your own marriage. I have come to understand both mine and my husband’s emotional needs so much more and would recommend this book to all married couples, no matter how long you have been married, you will learn something of use. From now on this is my go to gift for newly engaged couples, another five stars from me.

The Zimzum of Love ImageThe Zimzum of Love by Rob & Kristen Bell

I’m a bit of a Rob Bell fan, I could listen to that guy talk theology geekery all day long, but funnily enough I’ve never read one of his books – until now! This book did indeed give me a new way of understanding marriage and in conversation with the Husby I’m now often referring to how things are effecting the zimzum, or rather the space created between us. I particularly enjoyed how Mr & Mrs Bell interjected with each other through the book and the stick men drawings were also rather helpful. This is an easy read and a good book to pick up if you’re not wanting anything too heavy from a marriage book, gets three stars from me.

What books have you been reading lately?

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