70 Years of Freedom

70 Years of Freedom | The Open Home70 Years of Freedom | The Open Home70 Years of Freedom | The Open Home

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of Guernsey’s liberation from the Nazi occupying forces during World War 2. Freedom is definitely worth celebrating and as always, I like to decorate, hence the above photos!

My Gran was evacuated to England during the war, along with her younger brother and sister. She left a young girl of twelve years old and returned to the island a young woman of eighteen – five long years away from home. The photo used in my display above is a photo she had taken with her siblings to send home to her parents before they returned to the island. My Gran, Doreen is the girl on the left.

As for my Grandpa, well he stayed on the island during it’s occupation and seemed to have fun causing general mischief for the German soldiers. I always remember my Grandpa in particular on Liberation Day, the stories he shared, his cheeky character and loving nature. Above pictured is his identity card which he used during the island’s occupation, I especially love that his red hair was called hellblond!

I marked the day by taking my girls to visit their Great Granny Doreen in the morning and then headed into the town centre in the afternoon to watch a bit of the cavalcade with my Mum, see some impressive helicopters (which delighted Blossom) and visit The Husby at our church’s Love Freedom family activity marquee.

Calling all Guerns! How did you celebrate 70 years of freedom?

2 thoughts on “70 Years of Freedom

  1. Marilyn

    A very special day especially with having both Gran and Grandpa’s memories of those times. I hope we will always remember and celebrate Liberation Day and that Blossom and Bubbles will carry it on into the next generation.


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