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Twenty Fifteen Healthy Goals | The Open Home

We’re keen goal setters in this house and write down our goals each year, regularly checking in to evaluate our progress. Technically though, we’ve come to realise that we only really have one main goal each year and that goal is quite simply to improve our health.

Each goal we then make is really just a specific way of working towards improving our health in a certain area of our lives, be that our physical health, spiritual health, marital health or even financial health.

In practice this means that we make both personal goals individually and marital goals together, breaking down our personal goals into 4 categories (Physical, Spiritual, Relational & Professional) and our marital goals also into 4 categories (Physical, Spiritual, Relational & Financial). 

When setting goals under each of these categories we then simply ask ourselves, ‘How do I want to improve my health in this area?‘ It’s a question that I have found to be incredibly helpful, keeping our focus on both the big picture of improving our entire lifestyle and the smaller steps that are required to get us there.

If you too would simply like to focus on improving your health this year then below are some ideas of the sorts of goals you could set under each category.


Personal Goals:

Physically you may want to improve your flexibility by signing up to a yoga class, reduce your intake of caffeine or maybe arrange to finally get that dental work done.

Spiritually you could start journalling, set up a prayer triplet or perhaps memorise a piece of scripture each week.

Relationally you could join a social group that will encourage you to build new friendships or book in regular coffee dates to invest in your existing ones.

Professionally you could try a new course of study or block out time each month to work on your CPD. Or if like me your current profession is being a stay-at-home mama then you may want to establish a daily storytime or take your little one out on a monthly mummy date.


Marital Goals:

Physically you may want to set intimacy goals together or perhaps you want to find a common hobby and could do something sporty together, maybe even work towards some sort of physical challenge like a race or hike.

Spiritually you could set goals to pray with each other daily, sign up for a marriage course or even block out some time for a spiritual retreat.

Relationally you could invite dinner guests round to your home each month or regularly book in skype dates with your friends living overseas.

Financially you may want to build up your savings to a realistic target, start living on a cash budget or maybe even give more generously to charity.


These categories make a good starting point and you can easily tweak them to suit you. For example, if you’re single you can of course still make financial goals on your own! Whatever categories you do choose to use just remember to keep asking yourself ‘How do I want to improve my health in this area?’.

Hopefully with this sort of focus not only will your goals be healthy in the sense that they will be realistic and attainable, but the outcome will also hopefully be healthy too, resulting in you making progress towards the healthier lifestyle, attitude and relationships you desire.

What goals are you setting yourself this year?

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