Already - A tribute to my daughter | The Open Home

As a newborn babe, she captures our hearts and fills us with pride as she turns our family into three. My baby girl is already making dreams come true.

By 2 weeks old, she stuns us with those wide, knowing, blue eyes. My baby girl is already a deep thinker.

By 3 weeks old, she impresses us with her incredibly strong head control. My baby girl is already so independent.

At 4 weeks old, she starts to coo and make those oh-so-sweet baby noises. My baby girl already has a voice.

At 5 weeks old, she embarks on her first road trip in England. My baby girl is already an adventurer.

At 6 weeks old, she grows a couple of inches in a week! Tall and slim is what they tell me. My baby girl is already a beauty.

By 7 weeks old, she is melting our hearts with her big, gummy smiles. My baby girl is already full of joy.

By 8 weeks old, she starts laughing in her sleep, but makes us wait a few weeks for a daytime chuckle that we can join in with. My baby girl already has a sense of humour.

At 10 weeks old, she is well and truly a Daddy’s girl, longingly following him with her eyes and saving her smiles especially for him. My baby girl is already in love.

At 12 weeks old, she rolls over for the very first time. My baby girl is already on the move.

By 14 weeks old, she likes to play. Her favourite toys include her pink giraffe, Pippin the donkey, Snape the snake and her frog bath toy. My baby girl is already hard working.

At 15 weeks old, she is wearing cloth nappies full-time and loves being outdoors amongst the trees. My baby girl is already going green.

At 16 weeks old, she loves rough-and-tumble play and can be heard screeching with glee as her tummy is tickled or air is blown in her face. My baby girl is already brave.

At 18 weeks old, it has been a year since we first learned of a new life growing inside of me and knew our lives would never be the same again. My baby girl is already changing the world, for she has already changed mine.

Mama loves you baby girl!

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