Behind the Name

Behind the Name | The Open HomeBehind the Name | The Open Home
Betsie, Nollie, Papa, Willem, Mama, and Corrie Ten Boom.

The name of The Open Home has such deep meaning to me.

Firstly, the name is a tribute to a family that for many years has been an inspiration to me, the dutch Ten Boom family, well known amongst Christian circles for their endeavours to protect the Jews during the second world war.

I first read Corrie Ten Boom‘s books in my early teens and I was quite simply amazed at the humility and unshakeable faith of her family.

The Hiding Place is a compelling story of courage and faith – a must read for all Christians and history enthusiasts. This book alone however does not give full insight into the vast impact this family has had for the Kingdom of God. It is therefore best to read this book sandwiched nicely between Corrie’s two other books, In My Father’s House and Tramp for the Lord.

Behind the Name | The Open Home
In My Fathers House: Corrie’s Papa, Casper Ten Boom at work.

The Years Before The Hiding Place

In the years before The Hiding Place the Ten Boom family quite literally ran an open home.

What I love most about this family is how they so humbly walked with God through their daily lives. They simply did life together as a family and a community. They ran a busy home fostering children and taking in many an elderly aunt along the way, whilst also running a business and working in the community to feed the homeless, run youth clubs and teach those with learning disabilities.

They opened their home to their community in such simple ways and yet the lives of many were blessed through them.

Behind the Name | The Open Home
Tramp for the Lord: Corrie Ten Boom

The Years After The Hiding Place

In the years after The Hiding Place, Corrie amazes me further with her openness to travel the world into her old age, becoming a tramp for the Lord, as she calls it.

Her family suffered greatly during their imprisonment during the war and yet after all of this she opened her heart once again, travelling the world to share of God’s unfailing love and amazing grace.

I want a heart like this. A heart that is open to serve God, wherever, whenever, no matter what.

Behind the Name | The Open Home
The Husby and I inside the hiding place when visiting the Ten Boom family home (now a museum) in 2011.

The Open Home is therefore a reminder to me to walk humbly with God, opening my home with love and my heart with courage.

Where do you find inspiration?

7 thoughts on “Behind the Name

  1. Jessica, this is beautiful. A beautiful tribute to the Ten Boom family and also to hear your heart for your family and the home and space God gives you. I have the same desires. To have a welcoming home. And I too, am learning how to dream big and rely on God. thank you for visiting FIMBY (smile).


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Renee and for your kind words. I’ve become a regular visitor to FIMBY having discovered it a couple of months ago. Your family is such an inspiration to ours and we now look forward to the day when we too are homeschooling and hiking!


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