And so it begins…

A New Season | The Open Home

I always thought that I would start a blog ‘one day’, once settled into family life overseas when I would have lots of interesting stories to tell and tips to share about how to do family life in a different way.

Well the start of this family life that I’ve hoped for is swiftly approaching but I find myself not in the exciting African location that I had always imagined this stage of my life unfolding in. In fact, I find myself where I have pretty much been my whole life, on the same teeny-tiny British island of Guernsey, otherwise known as home. And surprisingly, even to me, this is okay.

So I’m not going on an African adventure, but just because life doesn’t always work out as planned doesn’t mean it isn’t worth sharing. Life is still an adventure and I still have stories to share.

So let me introduce you to The Open Home, the place where I record my memories and share snippets of my story. Not too different from my real life journals.

By sharing my story with you here I hope you too will be encouraged to find joy in the journey and live life with an open heart.

And if like me you like to focus on the little things and want to enjoy where you are on the way to wherever you’re going then please stick around, I’d love to connect with you here.

Do you share your story online anywhere?

4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

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